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Coronary heart disease moxibustion

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Post Date: May 27,2011

Product Description: Coronary heart disease moxibustion

The main efficacy:to improve the heart's self-regulation and adaptation, with qi Chest, Traditional analgesic effect. Applicable to coronary heart disease, angina, chest suffocation embolism,Usage: external, plastering Tanzhong    1, day 1, each posted 12 hours, 7 days a course, as a stage 4 courses, each course of treatment stop using the 2 days interval.2, coronary heart disease more commonly have organic disease, require long-term treatment adherence. By apply moxibustion, coronary heart disease patients in remission to reduce or replace the oral drug.3, the onset of coronary heart disease can be very effective as an adjuvant therapy,meet Scope:1, coronary heart disease, also known as coronary heart disease, refers to coronary atherosclerosis to lumen obstruction, leading to myocardial ischemia, hypoxia caused,2, when the coronary blood flow and myocardial contradiction between the need of blood, coronary myocardial metabolism can not meet the needs of the myocardium sharp, temporary ischemia and hypoxia, which produces angina. Long-term if the cardiac insufficiency, myocardial dystrophy and atrophy occurred, resulting in fibrosis and sclerosis on the development of ischemic myocardial sclerosis. If a serious and continuous cardiac ischemia and hypoxia, acute myocardial infarction occurs, even life-threatening,3, coronary heart disease is the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chest, lesions and heart, spleen, liver and kidney are related to pathogenesis are two actual situation. For cold coagulation, qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm Blockage caused by mind, heart vessel stasis; false and heart, liver, spleen, kidney damage caused. Clinical manifestations of the deficiency mixed, should be based on different types of coronary heart disease for different types of diagnosis and treatment of,4, angina attack common heart rate, blood pressure, expression of anxiety, skin is cold or sweating, can be alleviated with nitroglycerin. According to the characteristics and features of a typical attack, combined with the age and the presence of coronary heart disease risk factors, due to the exclusion of other causes of chest pain, generally you can establish the diagnosis. You can also make heart X-ray examination, ECG, coronary angiography, which checks the value of the project have a high diagnosis,Treatment  coronary heart disease:a multi-use western medicine nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate, β blockers, calcium channel antagonist, or treated by surgery and other methods for the treatment of angina pectoris; with digitalis, anti-arrhythmia sclerosis drug to treat heart disorders, heart failure and arrhythmia control; with thrombolytic therapy, mounting brackets, or bypass surgery for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction,2, the shortcomings of western medicine is toxic side effects, coronary heart disease patients need long-term medication, it will be integrated into disease drug. Although Western medicine has been looking for a more safe and effective method, but the progress is not satisfactory, surgery is expensive, the risk was great, 3, coronary heart disease moxibustion, moxibustion on the point to apply to play in the pharmacological Air Chest, blood circulation, activate the body's own meridian caused by regulation, by expanding coronary artery, reducing blood running resistance, increase the coronary circulation of the blood flow, improve myocardial ischemia and hypoxia conditions, ease administration time and avoid the peak plasma concentration, is currently more effective and safe treatment 

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