TCR-615 automatic card collector

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Brand Name: Tenet
Model Number: TCR-615
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: TCR-615 automatic card collector

Card collector


TCR-615 card collector is produced in accord with the industry standard with high strength and anticorrosion material.  New design use plastic as body casing and will minimize effect to any contactless reader.The card collector is designed for requirement of the automatic ticket-check system. The antenna installation place is reserved in advance with the function of selection of card recycling and avoid mis-acceptance and card following.


Elementary functional discourse:


(1) With options to quit cards and callback cards if overtime under jamming;

(2 With options to quit cards or callback cards in force under jamming;

(3) With options to quit cards or not quit cards if overtime;

(4) With options for the time of quitting cards if overtime;

(5) With the function of avoiding mis-collection and card following. If the movements of the first card is not be finished, the second cards will not be collected;

(6) The signal of enabling of monitor computer and open can be offered;

(7) The validation or invalidation of cards can be received;

(8) Sound and light alarm in error condition.


Technical Data


1. Card material: All kinds of paper cards and PVC/ mylar cards

2. Weight: Net of card collector  About 0.7kg

3. Collect time: About 2S

4. Electrical Specifications:

     1) Rating Voltage:  24VDC±10%

     2) Current Consumption: Peak-2.2Amp

     3) Static Consumption: 0.1Amp

5. Environmental Specification:

    1) Temperature: -40 to 85industrial

    2) Relative humidity: 30%-90%

    3) Location: Within a suitable cabinet

Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Tenet Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Silin Huang

Contact Phone:0086-755-26647666-6688

Main Products:Loop detector, Automatic card dispenser or collector, Ticket checking machine core, RFID reader, Parking (guidance) syste


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