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BG30 High-precision stainless steel tube mill /pipe making machine

Price: US $ 30,000 - 90,000 / Set
Brand Name: wanfeng
Model Number: BG30
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: BG30 High-precision stainless steel tube mill /pipe making machine

BG30 High-precision stainless steel tube mill

1.Product Overview

   1. Introduction: BG30 stainless steel pipe mill line used in the production of φ13~φ22mm,δ0.5~1.0mm stainless steel round tube, square tube and special section tube.

   2. The application of materials:

 2.1. Material:SUS302 steel strip

 2.2. The thickness of steel strip:0.5~1.5mm(GB708-88)

 2.3. The width of steel strip: 40~90mm(±0.2mm)

 2.4. Steel coil: I.D. : φ350~φ450mm

 2.5. Steel coil O.D.: φ600~φ1000mm

 2.6. Maximum weight of steel strip:1000kgs

   3. The range of processing pipe:

     3.1 O.D. of pipe: φ8~30mm

     3.2 Wall thickness of pipe: 0.5~1.0mm

     3.3 Length:4~8m

   4. Product process flow:

    Raw material(steel coil)→Feeding→shearing and butt-welding→Leveling→Forming and Rolling→Ar-arc welding→Weld grinding→Cooling→Sizing→Straightening→Fixed length cutting→Runout table

   5. Rolling Speed: 2~8m/min

   6. Product accuracy: O.D. tolerance ± 0.05mm

   7. Ar-arc welder:400A

   8. User issues(For reference only)

      8.1 Space occupied by machinery: 30M×4M(Length ×Width)

      8.2 Power supply: total power of the machine unit 30KW

      8.3 Equipped with one set air compressor( prepared by the customer)

      8.4 Equipped with one set shearing machine and one set end-welding machine (prepared by the costomer)

      8.5 Welded with tungsten rods, wire(prepared by the customer)

      8.6 Lifting equipment and tools of the customer when the machine unit arrives, the maximum weight for lifting the workpiece is 5 tons.


2. Main components of stainless steel pipe mill line   

   1. Uncoiler

     Structure type: Double-side manual expanding tight, which insure steel coil feeding alternatively and make steel strip go into accumulator freely.

     The width of steel strip: 40~90mm

     The thickness of steel strip:0.5~1.5mm(±0.1mm)

     I.D. of steel strip: φ350~φ450mm

O.D. of steel strip: φ600~φ1000mm

       Weight of steel strip: ≤1000kg

    2. Shearing and butt-welding machine:(prepared by the customer)

3. Forming, welding and sizing unit:

  3.1 Feeding into leveling device: 5 rollers for leveling

      3.2 Forming device:Mainly roughly mill-forming steel strip and controlling weld seam.

     Horizontal roll stand

      (a).Quantity: 7

      (b).Structure: #45 Steel forgings, double-column dragon gates, changing rolls at side.

      (c).Diameter of horizontal roll’s shaft: φ36mm, material:40Cr

     Vertical roll stand

      (a).Quantity: 9(includes one set guide roll)

      (b).Type: passive rotation type

      (c).Vertical roll’s shaft: φ25mm, material:#45 steel forgings

      (d).Adjustment way: Single-screw adjustment

  3.3 Welding device

      (a). Guide roll of weld seam: one set

      (b). Extrusion roll stand: two sets

      (c). Grinding head of ouside weld seam: two sets

  3.4 Cooling device: Water spray cooling type.

      3.5 Sizing device: Make sure the precision of steel pipe after welding and grinding and control the accuracy.

          Horizontal roll stand- 5 sets; Vertical roll stand- 5 sets

      3.6 Rough straightening rack: one pair of Turkey head

      3.7 Transmission system: Respectively to reach top and bottom shaft through speed redecer from main motor

          (a).Main motor: 22KW

          (b).Power transmission: 12 sets Cardan shaft of Suzuki Motor shaft 212.

4.Pneumatic tracking cutting saw:

      (a). Cutting way: Friction by circular saw blades

      (b). Cutting thickness: δ0.5~1.5mm

      (c). Cutting diameter:φ  0~30mm

      (d). Cutting length:4~8m

      (e). Cutting tolerance: ≤20mm

      (f). Cutting motor:30KW

 5.Ar-arc welder: Lincoln of USA 400A

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