Best HID Xenon kit H1,H3,H3C,H4,H6,H7,H8,H9,H10,H11,H13,880(H27),881,9004(HB1),9005(HB3),9006(HB4),9

Price: US $ 1 - 28 / Set
Brand Name: Goye
Model Number: H4HL
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: Best HID Xenon kit H1,H3,H3C,H4,H6,H7,H8,H9,H10,H11,H13,880(H27),881,9004(HB1),9005(HB3),9006(HB4),9

Best hid  kit



Product and Accessories List

Two Xenon HID Bulbs ( Buyer chooses Bulb type and Color Temperature)

Two Ballasts

Two supports of Ballast

Eight fixation buckles of wire

Two screws

One Operation Instruction


HID Models:

HID Single Beam : H1, H3, H4-1, H7, H11,H13-1,880/881,9004-1, 9005, 9006, 9007-1
HID Xenon+halogen Beam : H4-2, 9004-2. 9007-2 hid for low beam and halogen bulb for high beam.
HID Bixenon : H4-3, H13-3,9004-3, 9007-3, single HID can switch between high beam and low beam.


HID Color Available:
3000k~golden color
4300k~yellow white
6000k~shallow yellow
8000k~blue white
12000k~ Bluish-purplish
30000k~Pure Blue

Speical~Pink, Green, Purple, Blue


Strict-Testing on HID:
•High/low Temperature Testing;
•IEC 68-2-6 Tremor Testing;
•EN60529 Waterproof and Dustproof Testing;
•DIN Antisepsis Testing;
•Instant Hi/Low Voltage testing;
•1000 times /one minute Open-Circuit-Testing;
•EMC CISPK22 guard against hertzian waves.


1. What is HID Xenon?

HID lamp (High-Intensity-Discharge) is the top product of the Metal halide lamp .Unlike Halogen lamps, HID lamps don't have a filament but create light by the arc between two electrodes. There are distinctive metals contained in the arc tube: high-pressure Xenon (99.99%), mercur and metal halide. When starting voltage is applied to the electrodes from the ballast or igniter, an arc is formed between them. The arc activates the Xenon, which in turn ignites the metal halide. The result of this action is the emission of light energy. Due to the high pressures of HID lamp operation, these wavelengths are concentrated in the visible light spectrum. We can get the desired color temperature through changing the pressure of HID lamp or the proportion of the metal halide.

2.HID Advantages:

HID: Extension of life span of battery due to the low power consumption
HID: Excellent in signal and lane reflection due to the high-color temperature
HID: looks more luxurious than halogen lamp
HID: Fully compatible with original halogen system,easy to install
HID: Small orders are accepted
HID: With CE & E-mark certificate
HID:Waterproof and shockproof with perfect performance
HID: 3-time brightness than normal halogen lamp

3.Why we use HID Lamp?

On the road, HID Xenon lighting systems appear as a bright white beam which resembles natural daylight. The bright white beam offers greater visibility and road safety. High efficiency make the requirement for cooling the lamp lower and can reduce the aging of the lamp chimney. Extremely long life make the HID lamp in proper condition without maintenance. The constant power and brightness in such a huge range of input voltage make HID lamp unparalleled. Quick start-up technique is the best solution for automobile lamp.

4. Easy Installation:

Simply replace your factory bulbs with Our Xenon bulbs, plug the bulb to the ballast, and the ballast wire plugs to the factory OEM harness.




Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Goye Trade Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. max bin

Contact Phone:86-020-83066450

Main Products:Auto Lighting System

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


User Reviews: Best HID Xenon kit H1,H3,H3C,H4,H6,H7,H8,H9,H10,H11,H13,880(H27),881,9004(HB1),9005(HB3),9006(HB4),9