ZW32M-12permanent magnetic outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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Brand Name: Hanguang Senyuan
Model Number: ZW32M-12
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: ZW32M-12permanent magnetic outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

ZW32M-12 outdoor three-poles high voltage permanent magnetic mechanism are mainly opening and closing loading current, overload current and circuit breaking current in power system. They are appropriate in protecting and controlling power system in mining industrial enterprise, also in rural grid and frequent operation places. This kind of product not only conserved all the reasonable part and excellent characteristics of type ZW32, but also make the largely enhanced mechanical life of the whole device including vacuum interrupter, reaching 50000 times. Free of maintenance within 20000 times during operation.


Ambient condition

1 Ambient temperature: max +40°C min -40°C

2 Altitude: ≤2000m

3.Wind pressure: ≤700Pa(equals to wind speed 34m/s)

4 Air contamination degree: III degree

5 The installation should be free from fire, explosion, severe vibration, chemical corrosion and serious pollution

6 Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree


Order instruction

Complete model and order quantity of the product

Rated current, rated voltage, rated short circuit breaking current

Need mutual inductor or not, transform ratio of assembled current mutual inductor

Need isolate switch or not

Specific requirement of protection, measurement, controlling system of the device

Cable length between circuit breaker and controller

Other requirement please contact with us directly


Main Technical Data    Rated voltage                                                             kv12Rated frequenceHz50Rated lighting impulse withstand voltagekv75Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(dry)    kv42Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage(humid)    kv30Rated current                                                             A630/1250Rated short-circuit breaking current                              kA20Rated short-circuit making current                              kA50Short time withstand current (4S)kA20Rated peak withstand currentkA50Rated operations of short-circuit breaking current interruption   times30Power frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit(1 min) v2000Mechanical life                                           times50000     Mechanical characteristics adjustment data    Rated contact stroke                                      mm9±1Contact overtravel mm2±0.5Average opening speed                                   m/s1.2±0.3Average closing speed                                    m/s0.6±0.2Contact bouncing duration at closing operation                ms≤3Bounce duration of contact closing                              ms ≤2Core distance between phasesmm340±1.5Three-pole simultaneity                                     ms≤2Condactive circuit resistance  of each phases                                 μΩ<80Closing time ms20~40Opening time ms30~60

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