C720 quad band smart windows WIFI music fashion mobile phone

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Model Number: C720
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: C720 quad band smart windows WIFI music fashion mobile phone

Model: C720 mobile phone

Basic functions :

'Clock' vibration 'built-in' optional 'ring tones'' MP3 ringtones'
'Picture identification' calls' scenarios' picture 'standby' The Document Manager '
QWERTY keyboard: Support QWERTY computer keyboard, QWERTY provided Fn, Shift, Tab, shooting Shortcuts, browser Shortcuts and information Shortcuts
Polyphonic ring tones: 40 polyphonic supports MIDI, SP-MIDI, WMA, WMV, MP3, AMR, the SMF format such as ring tones
Graphics menu: 3-D animation menu
Theme mode: support XML Web format for the preparation of the theme of language, built-in a number of exquisite and BlackBerry-related theme, more convenient use of business users
Communication Function
'' Chinese 'built-in antenna input' 'Chinese' SMS 'phone directory'
'' Call records' EFR STK Service 'flight mode'
Multimedia messaging: MMS editor of capacity to provide the choice of three stalls, the largest capacity to support 250 K MMS editors, and the fuselage shared memory storage allows users to store vast amounts of information
'Download' games Forums
Built-in games: 2
Memory capacity: 64MB RAM/128MB ROM
Multimedia Card expansion: a maximum support GB Mirco SD memory card expansion, and does not support hot swap
Camera: Built-in
Camera pixels: 1300000 pixels; Pen -
Sensor type: CMOS
Zoom mode: 4x digital zoom
Photos resolution: maximum support filming resolution of 1280 × 1024 pixel static photos
Built-in frame: Many frames choice
Timer shooting: 10 second timer shooting
Shooting mode: full-screen viewfinder screen support in the viewfinder on the screen can also provide the filming of the current set of information display; built-in video, picture contact person's location, as well as several sports photography static model
Photos effects: white balance while providing automatic, daylight, night, Tungsten Lamp, Fluorescent five, color effects while providing black-and-white, retro, cool, and four negative. Advanced adjustments provide a more color saturation, hue, value adjustments Gamma
Photo quality: provide four kinds of quality storage conditions
Video recording: audio video capture
Video resolution: shooting maximum support for the resolution of 176 × 144 pixel video clips unlimited video
Video: support MPEG4 video and WMA format
MP3 player: Built-in supports MP3, WMA format music player
Headphone jack: USB interface
EBook: TXT file browser support
Data Transmission
'WAP browser'
IM: Pocket MSN Messenger
WWW browser: Explorer browser
Bluetooth Interface: Built to support Bluetooth 2.0 (also compatible A2DP)
Data Line Interface: Interface support USB data cable
E-Mail: support of the BlackBerry e-mail system to support Push Mail, POP3, SMTP
Office applications
Business-card scanners: built-in mobile barcode software support through the camera to carry out QuickMark QR Code and bar code, need only Qingsao barcode, will be able to instantly access, dial-up or new contact person
Office functions: OFFICE support functions (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
PDF file here: PDF viewer support
Personal Assistant
'Alarm clock' calculator 'calendar' '' '' schedule
'World Clock'
Newly created JOGGR touch keys, user-friendly browser more quickly and advisory documents
JOGGR touch button has four buttons, the top button to return to high and volume control button and the most commonly used Outlook e-mail Shortcuts
Supplied positive horizontal metal part after drawing delicate handling
Black body part has been added soft Flexible coating, the incident happened also to increase the overall feel of friction, enhancing the safety of mobile phones. However Flexible coating are more easily contaminated and greasy fingerprints
Orchids keyboard backlight color
Separate speaker at the edge of the back of fuselage
Internal Communications Manager software, other software also includes BlackBerry Connect, QR barcode, Pocket MSN Messenger, etc.
Built-in 802.11 b / g wireless Internet hardware (domestic listing C720 does not support WIFI)
Software version: 1.15.708.2

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Shenzhen Mengcai Electronic Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. johnson zheng

Contact Phone:86-755-82727081

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