driver alert nap zapper anti drowsy alarm for drivers

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Product Description: driver alert nap zapper anti drowsy alarm for drivers

The Nap Zapper is and anti-drowsy alarm designed to raise drivers awareness of momentary lapses caused by sleepiness and tiredness. Wear behind the right ear it works on the principle of electronic balance. As the drivers head nods below a preset angle it emits a loud alarm signal alerting the driver to take corrective action, take a break or even take a nap. The Nap Zapper is not only designed for drivers, it perfect for people who need to be on full alert while on duty such as security guards, machine operators, and even students who need to work on their posture.
1. On the device is a little lever switch, shift is to the right towards ON.
2. Test that it is working properly by tilting it forwards, if it beeps then it is at working state.
3. Place behind your right ear and adjust, it should be placed correctly for effectiveness. Your head should not nod more than 30 degrees (the less the better), before it beeps.
4. When the device is no longer required move the lever towards the word OFF.
5. For the protection of the device place back in its pouch and store with care out of direct sunlight and humidity. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Description
Our newest product is the fantastic Nap Zapper, driver sleep alarm.
This is an ideal gift for those you care about. Essential item for every driver.

Why do you need the NAP ZAPPER? Simple! It will save your life. A survey carried out in 2002 by the Department for Transport found that over 20% of drivers had had an accident through falling asleep while driving. A staggering 64% also admitted to nodding off while driving. If you drive, we recommend EVERYONE has a NAP ZAPPER sleep alert system. It will save your life.

It is a small alarm device that fits onto your ear. If you nod off your head will fall forward. The Nap Zapper warns you audibly when your head tilts down over a certain angle, allowing you to take corrective actions - changing drivers, a break or a proper nap. Clever, ingenious and a life saver Anti-Drowsy Alarm is the Electronic Balanced Sleepy Warning device specialized for the drivers and user that works on the principle of Electronic balance and It fits on the ear of a driver.
Anti-Drowsy Alarm will beep (Alarm type) or vibrate (Vibrating type) to alert when driver feels sleepy during his driving and his head nods down-forward.
It stimulates the nerve to be exciting and eliminate the sleepy feeling to avoid traffic accident.
1. Light and compact design
2. Size: Length 63mm X Width 47mm X Thickness 15mm
3. Easy to use and no side effect to human being
4. Applicable for People with glasses
Light weight and compact design
Graceful and safe and easy to use
No side effect
Comfortable even with the glasses
Alarm angle is adjustable (15 to 20deg.)
Product Specification/Models
1) Weight : 16.5g for Alarm type & 18.5g for Vibrating type
2) Working principle : Electronic Balance ( Mercury switch equipped inside )
3) Power Source : DC 6V ( AG 3 X 4)
4) Alarm Sensibility : Alarm angle (15 -30 degree) - Adjustable
5) Kind of Product
- Vibrator type : Blister packing
- Alarm type : Blister Packing & gift Box
- Vibrator & Alarm set : Gift Box
1) Car drivers (Passenger car, Bus, Truck)
2) Machinery operators
3) Supervisors of Electric Instruments( Power station, Communication system, Shipping system,
Safety system)
4) Students ( to correct the sitting and standing position & to improve the physical condition )
5) Promotional items ( Car sales firm, Banks, Insurance company, Gas station etc)

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