paper recycling plant,paper making machine,paper mill

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Brand Name: Yichi Machinery
Model Number: Heat Dispersing System
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: paper recycling plant,paper making machine,paper mill

1. General Description

a paper pulp dispersing machine can disperse the impurities such as gooey,grease,paraffin wax,plastics,rubber or ink particles effectively in the paper pulp making and improve the aspect and property of the paper.The system includes pulp machine(twin wire press or inclined screw thickener and screw press),plug screw,shredder,preheater and disc heat disperser.The system is controlled by PLC.

2. Performance

The paper pulp with 28-30% consistency is heated to 90-100 temperature and mixed with the chemicals. Then the paper pulp enters the feed screw in the form of roundel. Through the screw-rotating disc in the disperser, the paper pulp is extruded into the 0.1-0.5mm gap between the fibrillating fluted moving disc and fixing one, and then outwards from the center the pulp goes through  will be mechanically and physically acted intensively and evenly (rubbed and softened). So that the hot melt material, adhesive material and ink etc will be peeled off from fibers and dispersed into invisible tiny granules and the pulp will be mixed with the chemical evenly in paper making plant.


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We discussed the advantages, for an importer, of buying from a Western trader based "on the ground":

The manufacturer gets paid by the traders, so he has to listen to them. It translates in better compliance, as well as time savings. For example, they can do the QC inspection, and then remit money immediately after all is confirmed. They have experience buying a certain type of product, especially in the region where they are based. They also understand the destination markets' requirements, and can make small adjustments/approvals on the fly. The importer can call someone and have a quick, effective, and sensible conversation. In the eyes of the importer, the trader is the supplier. He is more likely than local suppliers to take responsibility in case of problems. Similarly, the trader is not expected to play cat-and-mouse games.

All of this can be true, and it makes for a good sales speech! Some importers are very reluctant to buy directly from factories, and are happy to pay 10 to 20 percent extra for that kind of reassurance.

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