12V DC Gear Motor With Worm Gearhead

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Model Number: 110ZYT155RV50-25
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Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: 12V DC Gear Motor With Worm Gearhead

12V DC Gear Motor With Worm Gearhead


ZYT Series PM DC Motor


   ZYT Series PM DC Motor is used with Ferrite PM magnet, clouse and self-cooling. It is used for driven element in any equipment system.

    Model Explanation

90 ZYT08 /H1

1.90 indicates motor frame No,. The frame No,is indicated with 55,70,90,110,130(The frame No, corresponds with frame Dia. 55,70,90,110,130mm).

2.ZYZ indcates PM DC Motor.

3.08 indicates the lamination length No,.01-49 refers to short lamination types, 51-99 refers to long lamination types and 101-149 refers to special long lamination types.

4.H1 refers to derivative structure , its No, is indicated with H1,H2,H3…(Each frame No, is arranged on custemor ‘s requirement in order.)

3.Mounting Model

 1.Housing Mounting: A5(single shaft extension),AA5(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).

 2.Flange Mounting:A3(single shaft extension),AA3(double shaft extension) and frame No,(55-130).

 3.Foot Mounting: A1(single shaft extension),AA1(double shaft extension) and frame No,(90-130).


 1.No more than 4000m above sea level.

 2.Ambient temperature:-25~40degree

 3.Relative humidity ≤95%(at +25degree).

 4.The followed temperature rise: no more than 75K(when 1000m above sea level).

5.Technical Data

 The following data changes within range depending on exact model,customer can refer to them when making selection.

1.55ZYZT01-55ZYZ10: Torque55.7-63.7(mN.m), Speed3000-6000(r/min), Power20-35(W), Votage24-110(V),Current1.5-3.2(A)and Speed Tolerance150-300(r/min).

2.Model 55ZYZT51-55ZYZ76: Torque92.3-127.4(mN.m), Speed1500-10000(r/min), Power20-199(W), Votage24-110(V),Current10.27-3.45(A)and Speed Tolerance100-400(r/min).

3..Model 55ZYZT101-55ZYZ105: Torque76.4-108.2(mN.m), Speed7500-15000(r/min), Power85-120(W), Votage24-110(V),Current1.2-7.5(A)and Speed Tolerance400-700(r/min).

4.Model 70ZYZT01-70ZYZ21: Torque95.5-191(mN.m), Speed2000-6000(r/min), Power30-85(W), Votage24-220(V),Current0.2-4.8(A)and Speed Tolerance100-300(r/min).

5.Model 70ZYZT51-55ZYZ110: Torque191.1-573(mN.m), Speed1500-9000(r/min), Power50-148(W), Votage24-110(V),Current0.95-37.5(A)and Speed Tolerance100-400(r/min).

6.Model 90ZYZT01-90ZYZ55: Torque294-510(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power20-150(W), Votage24-220(V),Current0.55-2(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).

7.Model 90ZYZT101-90ZYZ108: Torque733-796(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power100-230(W), Votage24-220(V),Current0.8-6.5(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).

8.Model 110ZYZT01-110ZYZ55: Torque637-1177(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power185-308(W), Votage24-220(V),Current0.9-12.5(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).

9.Model 110ZYZT101-110ZYZ156: Torque1274-2230(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power245-700(W), Votage24-220(V),Current1.5-45(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).

10.Model 130ZYZT01-130ZYZ55: Torque2548-3185(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power400-1000(W), Votage24-220(V),Current4.5-28(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).

11.Model 130ZYZT55-55ZYZ106: Torque3185-3822(mN.m), Speed1500-3000(r/min), Power600-1200(W), Votage24-220(V),Current3.5-55(A)and Speed Tolerance100-200(r/min).


NMRV/NRY Series Worm and Gear Motor


NMRV Series Worm Gear Motor contains worm gear reducer and motor(Including three phrese AC motor,single AC motor,DC servo motor and DC PM motor).The square aluminum gearbox is manufactured based on GB1055588 cylindrical gear parameter.During the process, many advanced technologies are adopted.So it has compact structure, good appearance and excellent heatsink when runing.

This series motor has the following characteristics:smooth running, low noise, large transmission ratio and strange loadcapacity  and it may match with different kinds of motors for realizing speed adjustment.


2.Model Explanation

NMRY/NRY  063 - 40 – E –F – SZ/DZ - 71B5

    NMRY indicates motor and reducer is connected by flange and NRY indicates motor and reducer is connected by shaft coupling.063 indicates the center distance between worm and gear is 63mm in speed reducer.40 indicates the ratio of worm gear speed reducer.E mark indicates the double extension worm shaft. If there is no E mark, it means this kind motor has single extension worm shaft.F mark indicates the output flange. If there is no F mark, it means this kind motor doesn’t have output flange.SZ indicates the two way output shaft,while DZ indicates the two way output shaft.If there is no mark, it means the motor adopts hole output.71B5 indicates the motor housing No.and mounting model.

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