2011 new hot sale fashion blue led light digital wall clock

Price: US $ 14.3 - 17 / Piece
Brand Name: Goldenasia
Model Number: CLC4AB
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: 2011 new hot sale fashion blue led light digital wall clock

led light digital wall clock


Self developed LED electronic products:

LED clock comes with power supply:


1. Mute function: it is absolutely no sound generated, because it is electronic interior design, it is totaling different from the general alarm clock which generates ticking sound.

2. Mirror surface: its surface looks like a mirror when the power is off, it almost likes a cell phone effect.


3. Energy saving, environmental protection, it is entirely led lights up, one led on each dot, the light is very soft, and the brightness can be dimmable , not heat generates, the power consumption is less than 1.5 kWh per month. It is not reflective, LCD clock face will be not clear in the light, lcd clock must be back against the light, led clock is completely non-existent such problem, why some clocks can be so cheap? Since it is to LCD display clock, LCD screen clock can NOT be seen clear when the light too shine or the light too dark..


4. The led clock will loop display the time \ date \ temperature, generally it is not display like this way, it often only displays the time, it will be loop display time/date/temperature when you click on the “SNOOZE” key, when you need the clock loop display all information, just click on the “SNOOZE” key.


5. The ringtone grows from lower to louder and slower to faster gradually.


Our led clock is good quality, energy saving, environmental protection, active displayed led alarm clock, and also it is most popular led alarm clock on nowadays, it is suitable for the living room, study room , office and other places. No matter where we place led clock in, it is very eye-catching, If you are happen to be in the decoration of your new house, it can be the perfect combination of led clock into your wall, closet, shelf ...
it plays a role of soft luminous light and night lamp at night, the brightness can be dimmable, not dazzling, suitable for kids room, the led clock display font is particularly large, and it is very visible when you use for family, and meanwhile is convenient for old man to read large fonts.

(Function Instructions)
1. It comes with one DC transformer;
2. Automatically switch for only display the time (this is optional) the date and time display;
3. Brightness is dimmable
4. Transformer supports 110V - 220V Voltage, AC power
5. Alarm function
Very good choice for using in the office, living room, study, etc.



1. Calendar display from 2000 to 2099, a total of 100 years.

2. Display: time, day, temperature, automatic switching display (optional), 12/24 hour, can be 12/24 hour conversion, the default 24 hours.

3. Alarm: In 2011, at 12:00 the alarm, a group of alarm, when the alarm time is ON, the clock alarms for 1 minute, the sound mode is: di di di di

4. Power Supply: DC 6V/500MA power supply, external power, built-in button batteries, when power normal travel time.


The digital clock displays the time very clear. In any small to medium-sized room, everyone can read the time very easily. Therefore, it is best to use home or office.

It is also very bright at night, when you wake up at night, you don’t need to switch any other night lamp, the brightness can be dimmable
Display year, month, date, temperature,
Product Type: CLC6-R/G/W/B
Size: 16 * 8 * 6CM
Product weight: 0.38KG
Packing: 12pcs each white box.

Product Name: Fashion Digital Alarm Clock

[Product features]
1, the large screen display time, it have a variety of colors, patterns for your choice

2, hiding the calendar (2000-2099).
A. in the normal display status, press the Snooze button (SNOOZE) to show the temperature
B. press again to show at DATE in 3 seconds;
C. press the third time to show well set alarm clock in 3 seconds
D. press the fourth time to show the alarm and ringing times
E. If it is operated over 3 seconds, the display will return to normal display state.

3, Snooze, the alarm clock. Snooze interval rings are free to choose (1 to 60 minutes, the default is 5 minutes). Once the alarm time is set, you need to open the alarm (ALARM ON / OFF) appropriated "AL.ON" location to regular alarm, ring tones for "Didi Didi", the sound grows from slow to fast, and more rapid.

If you press the snooze button when it is alarm (SNOOZE) or you don’t press, it will be ringing every set time for 4 times; press any key except the Snooze button (SNOOZE) or directly turn off the alarm switch to stop the alarm function.

4, 12 / 24 hour free to switch. In the normal display state, press the button (DOWN) to conversion, when12-hour ON, the indication lights up when it is afternoon.

5, built-in CR2032 button battery (under normal circumstances, it can work 4 to 5 years, it also can be replaced.), Accurate the time even power is off, when the power is restored; you don’t need to re-set the time. Home 100-240V external power supply.

6, if the clock is running or set the alarm occurred during the crash phenomena (fixed display), you can use a toothpick or the pen head to press the reset hole (RESET) the reset button, the alarm clock will return to the initial status.
it is comes with power adapter. If No electricity, there is an internal battery for the clock to work, but the LED does not display.
Dimensions, specifications, see the quotation

• Do remember removing the insulation film in the cell battery box.
• Avoid close to the high temperature, fire and direct sunlight environment.
• Do not for body transformation, decomposition.
• Do not use strong detergent or a corrosive solvent effect, It will causes harms to body surface

* Product Introduction *
LED Color Alarm Clock / most fashion and personality!!! (When minutes and seconds display)




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