Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel,fire alarm control panel,fire alarm panel,panel

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Brand Name: Orena
Model Number: OZH4800E
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel,fire alarm control panel,fire alarm panel,panel

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Product Overview

The OZH4800E control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel using the latest 32 bit microprocessor technology and containing 2, 4, 6 or 8 SLC loops with each loop supporting 192 devices of any combination (sensors or modules). Communication between devices is transferred through standard cable (shielded or twisted pair is not required). Each panel includes a 5.0 amp power supply, 600 characters LCD display, 29 large easy-to-use tactile touchpad for system operation, programming and maintenance, 12 state indicators and a RS232/RS485 communication port. System operations include silencing alarms and troubles, resetting system and manual starting/stopping field equipment. The system's non-volatile event history buffer stores 9999 events for viewing. The system supports a variety of Orena devices: smoke and heat sensors, manual call points, contact input (monitor) modules, relay output modules, dual input/output modules, and short circuit isolator modules. In addition, interfaces to conventional detection systems can be established by using a conventional zone-monitoring module. The basic system can be expanded by adding OZF-LCD remote annunciator, OZH48ZL signalling line circuit expander, and optional mini-printer (for printing system reports). The intelligent panel and detectors know the difference between a fire and a dirty sensor. It lets you tailor sensor sensitivity and gives you immediate, pinpoint accuracy for any condition. The powerful OZH4800E system provides you with revolutionary value and performance in addressable sensing technology, reduces nuisance alarms and makes service calls a rarity



1) Using advanced industry-standard protocol for fast and stable communication

2) Up to 1536 addressable points, 192 sensors & modules per loop.

3) Uses standard wire, no shielded or twisted pair required on SLC loops.

4) Supports Class B (style 4) and Class A (style 6 or 7) SLC loops

5)  Automatic drift compensation & daily calibration

6) Programmable sensitivity levels per device

7) Large 15-line x 40-character LCD display (600 char.)

8) Built-in help information screens

9) Powerful & versatile Cause & Effect programming (fire protection-related device control)

10) RS-232 /485 communication port

11) Optional mini-printer



Primary Power Supply: 120V or 220VAC  50/60Hz       

Standby Batteries: DC24V 4AH sealed rechargeable batteries

Power Supply Output: 24VDC @ 5.0 Amps (4 Amps available for system power)

Display: 15 lines x 40 characters LCD (600 characters total)

SLC loops: 2, 4, 6 or 8 (class A, "style 6 or 7" or class B, "style 4")

Devices per loop: 192 sensors & modules

Addresses per panel: 1536 max.

Communication Port: RS232/RS485

Operation Temperature: 10°C~+50°C  Related Humidity: ≤95% (40±2°C)

Dimensions (D * W * H): 110×335×435mm   

Weight: 16Kg


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