(HOT STUFF) X-SIM,super x-sim IV,XSIM,X-SIM Card,xsim card,universal X-SIM,Best X-SIM for iPhone 3G

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Brand Name: i-smartphone 2008
Model Number: GHX-858
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 09,2012

Product Description: (HOT STUFF) X-SIM,super x-sim IV,XSIM,X-SIM Card,xsim card,universal X-SIM,Best X-SIM for iPhone 3G

It can unlock most of the mobile phone on the market,over 1000pcs models,and work with 3G SIM Card.



How to unlock and use this sim unlock card:

1. Prepare your SIM card, turbo SIM and pen knife.
2. Cut your SIM card according to the turbo SIM IC chip.
3. Place your SIM card together with turbo SIM and put in to your mobile phone. Now your mobile phone is unlocked.


IC/Microchip used:


the unlocking card adopt C8051-F300, the difference betweeen F300 and 304 is the work frequency of CPU. F300 with high work frequencty and with much bigger programmable space. F300 with more precise work frequencty, about 25M. Through softwares reform, SIM cards STK funciton can be started up normally.

Virtue: High CPU work frequency, rapid identify card speed, infrequent machine freezed / died.


Alcatel :


OT201 OT801 C550 E11e N1


Blackberry :


8820 8800 8820 8800 8810 8700 7100 8120 8130 8300 8310 8310 8320 7130c 7130g 8707v 7290




120 MT810 T7200 T2000 T868 T5700 C2800 C2606 C2860


LG :


KU890 KU990 KG800i-chocolate U310 U880 KU250 U250 KG130 B2050 KG275 U300 KE850 KE9709(G70) U890 KG800 KU580 CU720


Lobster :


485 25 MDA Compact III26 MODEM OPTION ICON 225




V600 A780 V8 V547 V3i Z8 W510 V3 Z6 V575




N76 E70 6500c 6630 3500c N70 6110navigator 5610  N95 6500s 6151 N72 E51 5310 E50 E61 2630 N82 6288  6070 6161 3250 1208 1600 6125 2310 6822 E60 6080 6120c E65 6310i   N95 8GB E90 6500 6280 5200 N73 6120 6300  3110 6301 7500 5500 6230 N93 N93i 6136 N81 N80 7373 7370  6233 5300 5070 6310




A38 C65 A50 S68


Sagem :


x2-2m 600x 700xmy-150x my-220xmy x6-2 W8


Samsung :


D600E F600 ?P910 i600 Z170 Z240 J600 SC707 F900 Z370 C260 X640 X480 C450 U700 L760 U600 X150 J400 E420 A411 705 706 707 708 709 E420 A411 Z170 2370 X640 L760 i600x480




705H 810SH 816SH 904SH SH905I 812SH 813SH 920SH SH904i 815SH 804SH G921SH 922SH 903SH 550SH 770SH Gx15 GX25 ZTE F150 F851 F256 F252 F151 C550 811SH 816SH 904SH SH9051 812SH 813SH 920SH 815SH 804SH G900 TS705 702IG 950IU 920P


SonyEricsson :


K300 W660I W810I K700 T630 K310 Z310 P990I K770 K510 K508 K500 W200 V630 P1 K800 K550 J220 W300i W580 10510 K800 K810 S500 W910 W660 u630 u600 k618 t230 k850 w900 w810 J100 T610 P960 W960




811T 812T 813T 904T 902T 803T 911T G500 G900T S705810T TS705




Sidekiek sidekiekII sidekickIII


Japanese DOCOMO:


P905I D905I SO905I SO905ICS F905I N905I


Japan phones:


705Px Va10P V820p V911T P905I 709sc 920se V810p V820p 920p 705px V811T V812T V911T V920T V70T L600i L602i D905i F905i S0905i S090iec Sh905i D906i P906i So906i F906i Sh906i


Japanese SOFTBANK:


920SH 920SC 904SH SH905I 921SH 922SH 705SH 903SH 550SH 770S HGX15 GX25 GX20


Features: Works without Test-Point, Computer, logs, Cables or Hacks Instant unlocking - Plug & Play Safe, secure and cheap key Unlocks without loosing the phones warranty Long lasting and durable solution Technical Specifications: Based on a 0.10 mm thin FPC with gold Immersion RISC Micro Controller which can handle all voltages and speeds required in this environment FPC, components and solder tin used are ROHS compliant. **************************************************************************************************************** Shenzhen ZCGH Tech. Co.,Ltd  Tel number: +86 755 2780-9426 ***************************************************************************************************************

Supplier Details:

ZCGH Technology Co., Limited

Sales:Ms. ANLY LIU

Contact Phone:0086-755-27809426

Main Products:Mobile Phone SIM Cards

Business type:Manufacturer


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