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Product Description: [Super Deal] HID XENON Lamp KIT

                                        [Super Deal] HID XENON Lamp KIT


Xenon HID headlamps designation is the high pressure gas discharge lamp.
The principle is stimulating the positive and negative electrical XENON with the rare metal chemical reaction ,fireing up to 6000K color temperature of light.
Its illumination level is excessing far way from traditional halogen lamp
,which colour temperature is also closest to the colour temperature solar noon and the most comfortable colour lighting level to our eyes
In addition. Xenon elements activity ability become more and more lively with the extended time increasingly.therefore ,gas Intensity discharge lamp maybe used more and more luminous .

Xenon lamps have the unique work principle and has three times output brightness than Halogen Lamp
It has high color temperature
10 times used life than Halogen Lamp .while the power consumption is 50% of Halogen Lamp
Moreover, its easy installation. So HID lights Hailed as a revolutionary in 21st century Steam vehicle lighting products, Xenon HID lamps will replace the traditional Halogen Lamp vehicle development is the trend!

product feature:
1, close to the sunlight,increased night environment vision, can be more clearly identified the traffic to ensure night driving safety
 2, Halogen Lamp life is 10 times of the traditional ones
3. energy, Halogen Lamp power consumption is only half of the bubble, 35W its brightness is two to three times of the tradtional ones
4. security, standards, applicable products
5. 3000-15000K will provide the color temperature series 3000K gold lights.

Performance and advantages :
1. electronic components : imports chip,
2. Brightness : a threefold increasing its brightness
3. life : life expectancy has increased 10 times, 10 times than Halogen Lamp
4. the power consumption : saving energy. its power is only 35W
5, protection : protection has received positive and negative, open load protection, short circuit protection triple load protection.
6. exquisite : new safety and the original design of the lights fully consistent and astigmatism.
7. the color temperature : 4300K-12000K will provide the color temperature series

Product characteristics

    security : wont caused by bubbling waters or water vapor factors to burst. When accidents occur, the stabilizer can be detected -- immediately cut off high-voltage, to protect the safety of staff; Insulation : High insulation of wires and anti - electromagnetic interference design allows you to sit back and relax. Long Life : life spans of 4,000 hours, substantially exceeded vehicle traveling at night the total number of hours. Province : As long as 35W power supply, greatly reducing vehicle power system load, the power loss save 50% corresponding increase in vehicle performance, energy conservation. Brightness : 300% brightness upgrade, as taller, wider, farther and allows you to travel more secure.

    NOTICE: This auction just for SINGLE BEAM type If you want to buy Bixenon (telescopic) type should click the below Link.We just have FIX price for BIXENON type.

    Package include:

    2 ballasts (35w)
    2 HID XENON bulbs (single beam)
    2 fixing pads
    screws and wiring's
    Instruction in English for wiring and installation

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