hydraulic bending machine,plate bending machine price ,cnc bending machine price

Price: US $ 21,500 - 25,500 / Set
Brand Name: AccurL
Model Number: WC67K-100T/3200
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: hydraulic bending machine,plate bending machine price ,cnc bending machine price

The whole structure of the hydraulic press brake: 


- Welded structure: the stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration; so this forging press gives high accuracy.

- Frame: consists of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel and etc. The stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration. The machine enjoys high accuracy and high strength and can be transported easily.

 - High accuracy,high efficiency,simple and convenient operation,good performance, favorable price and best service.

1. Hydraulic system:

-A complete electrolyte servo synchro CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controlled press brake.

- Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable

- Consist of motor, oil pump and valve groups

- Be installed at the top of the oil box, which can assure that the cylinder is always full of oil when the slide is moving down at high speed

- Complete working cycle can be realized through the control of hydraulic valve.

- The working pressure at the right side of the wall board can be adjusted by the remote adjustment valve.

-Adopt Bosch electrolyte servo system (from Germany)

2.Mechanical system:

- Two light rulers are installed at the two ends of the slide, making the slide movement be parallel to the working table

- Adopt the working table compensation structure.

- The CNC servo motor of the back gauge gives a high positioning accuracy.

3. Protective fence and the safety interlock :

- Protective fence and the safety interlocker to ensure the operation safety. Power supply switch that is set in the electric box will be automatically turned off when the box's door is opened or the fence is turned up. Protecting barrier with safety interlocker is mounted on the back of the machine. Another, there are travel limit protection and foot pedestal mounted emergency off switch.

4. Synchro control system:

-Two light rulers (Y1-Y2) have been installed at the two sides of the machine to measure the exact distances.

-The position data will be delivered to the CNC system and then it can check out the servo valve control signal (S2-S2).

- Adopt upper die compensation to improve the brake precision

5.Compensation System:

-WILA deflection compensation;

-Automatic worktable compensation for wear and tear of the bed

The deviation resistance ability of the machine tool:

-The electrolyte servo system of this forging machine is an inner closing ring control system, which can check out the synchro discrepancies of the slide by the movement of the light ruler.

-The electrolyte servo valve can correct the slide discrepancies, making the slide parallel to the working table.

6. Sectional Ram Clamp Bars:

 -Separate sectional clamping bars are supplied as standard equipment in order to securely fasten short dies, as well as standard length tooling. Unique crown correcting device is standard.

7. Transmission system:

- High-precision ball screw and linear guide-way.

- PANASONIC HINAS A4 series; AC servo motor and drive;

- Process of cylinder and sealing component:

Cylinder: no.45# steel treated, inner holes fine machined and extruded.

Valve rods: no.45# steel treated, nickel and phosphorous coated outside.

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Anhui Laifu NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-555-6063941

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