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Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: Spectra Skywalker 128

Spectra Skywalker JA128 50pl print head

The Spectra Skywalker JA 128/50 jetting assembly has been designed specifically to meet the exacting performance requirements of high productivity, solvent based, wide format graphics printing. A total of 128 individually accessible channels are driven from a single piezoelectric ceramic crystal, providing excellent channel-to-channel uniformity. The nozzles are arranged in a single line, at a 0.020-inch spacing, for maximum interlace flexibility. The jetting assembly design has been optimized for high dutycycle operation

up to 16 kHz. The high drop velocity and excellent jet straightness minimize banding artifacts. The Spectra Skywalker JA 128/50 jetting assembly is easy to integrate into printer carriages. It incorporates an integral mounting bezel molded out of a durable, chemically inert engineering plastic. Registration features enable easy alignment to the carriage frame. The fluid interface is convenient and easy, through a female Luer Lock fitting. Two electrical connectors at the top of the jetting assembly allow each channel to be individually addressed. An optional Driver Chip Module reduces the electrical interface requirements to two serial data streams and the high voltage fire pulse used

to actuate the pumping chambers. Numerous design features have been incorporated to

promote a long service life, including a robust stainless steel nozzle plate and replaceable ink inlet filter. All static sensitive electronics are located upstream of the jetting assembly, minimizing the likelihood of electrical failures. The fluid interface is positioned away from the jetting assembly housing to reduce the possibility of contaminating the electrical contacts.



50 picoliter nominal drop size

128 individually addressable, inline nozzles

Excellent drop quality

High frequency continuous operation

Designed for long service life

Replaceable ink inlet filter

Permits high viscosity jetting fluids

Integral mounting bezel

Convenient and robust fluid interface

Optional Driver Chip Module


 Spectra Skywalker JA128 50pl print head


Number of addressable jets               128

Nozzle spacing                         508 microns [0.020 in.] (50 dpi)

Nominal drop size                        50 picoliters

Adjustment range for drop size              45 - 55 picoliters

Jet straightness, 1 sigma                     7 mrad [0.4°]


Nominal drop velocity                            8 m/sec

Operating temperature range                          up to 50°C

Fluid viscosity range (at jetting temperature)               10 - 14 cP recommended

Compatible jetting fluids                              Organic solvent inks

Maximum continuous operating frequency             16 kHz

Ink inlet filter pore size                          20 microns

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