MITSUBISHI RF MOSFET Amplifier Power Transistor Module, RA45H4045MR

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Product Description: MITSUBISHI RF MOSFET Amplifier Power Transistor Module, RA45H4045MR

Silicon RF Power SemiconductorsHigh Frequency DevicesSi RF Power Transistor ModuleHigh Output Power Si MOS FET ModuleThe RA45H4045MR is a 45-watt RF MOSFET Amplifier Module for 12.5-volt mobile radios that operate in the 400- to 450-MHz range. The battery can be connected directly to the drain of the enhancement-mode MOSFET transistors. Without the gate voltage (VGG = 0V), only a small leakage current flows into the drain and the RF input signal attenuates up to 60 dB. The output power and drain current increase as the gate voltage increases. With a gate voltage around 4V (minimum), output power and drain current increases substantially. The nominal output power becomes available at 4.5V (typical) and 5V (maximum). At VGG = 5V, the typical gate current is 1mA. This module is designed for non-linear FM modulation, but may also be used for linear modulation by setting the drain quiescent current with the gate voltage and controlling the output power with the input power.Features: [1] Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Transistors (IDD ≅ 0 @ VDD = 12.5V, VGG = 0V). [2] Pout > 45W, ηT > 35% @ VDD = 12.5V, VGG = 5V, Pin = 50mW. [3] Broadband Frequency Range: 400-450MHz. [4] Low-Power Control Current IGG = 1mA (typ) at VGG = 5V. [5] Module Size: 66 x 21 x 9.88 mm. [6] Reverse PIN type. [7] Linear operation is possible by setting the quiescent drain current with the gate voltage and controlling the output power with the input power.Drain Voltage(VDD)(Max.ratings): 17V(VGG < 5V)Gate Voltage(VGG)(Max.ratings): 6V(VDD < 12.5V, Pin = 0mW)Input Power(Pin)(Max.ratings): 100mW(f = 400-450MHz , ZG = ZL = 50Ω)Output Power(Pout)(Max.ratings): 55W(f = 400-450MHz , ZG = ZL = 50Ω)Frequency Range(f): 400-450MHzDrain Voltage(VDD): 12.5VInput Power(Pin): 50mWOutput Power(Pout)(Min): 45W(VDD = 12.5V , VGG = 5V , Pin = 50mW)Total Efficiency(ηT)(Min): 35%(VDD = 12.5V , VGG = 5V , Pin = 50mW)Gata Current(IGG)(Typ.): 1mA(VDD = 12.5V , VGG = 5V , Pin = 50mW)Operation Case Temperature Range(Tcase)(op): -30°C to +110°CStorage Temperature(Tstg): -40°C to +110°CBrand Name: MITSUBISHILead-Free TypeRoHS CompliantMounting Type: Through Hole / DIP(Dual in -line package)Package Outline: H2RSLead Count: 5Packing: Antistatic tray, 10 modules / trayUHF 300-500MHz / High-Output Power Part Number: RA13H3340M, RA13H4047M, RA13H4452M, RA30H3340M, RA30H4047M, RA30H4047M1, RA30H4452M, RA30H4552M1, RA45H4045MR, RA45H4047M, RA45H4452M, RA55H3340M, RA55H3847M, RA55H4047M, RA55H4452M, RA60H3847M1, RA60H4047M1, RA60H4452M1.Compatible with many other wireless communication productsMass stock on-hand merchandise supplyWe supply various electronic components and welcome your inquiries

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