pure water mineral water drinking water treatment plant

Price: US $ 10,000 - 30,000 / Set
Brand Name: Bievo
Model Number: FST
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: pure water mineral water drinking water treatment plant

drinking water treatment Product Description

1-1000T/H     Water treatment line of 1-1000T/H 

Silica sand filter 

The equipment is a hermetically sealed chamber made of 1 Cr18NiTi stainless steel which is set inside gritted rod,therefore get filltrated and clean.The equipment is widely used in petroleum industry,pharmaceutical industry wine-making industry and beverage industry.It is a ideal equipment to procure high quality water.

Water purifier

This filler is designed for drinking water treatment.It can clear away alien colour and foreign substance from the water and can remove heavy metal such as mercury,lead,cadimium,zinc,iron,manganese and Chromium,and hydrogenate,sulphide,small amount of remaining chlorine and so on.The filler is the ideal equipment for drinking water,foodstuff,beverage,pharmaceutical industries.

Sodium ino-exchaging device

The exchanging device is for reducing the hardness of hard water.Raw water goes through the exchanger from top to bottom,to be softened by the sodium ion-exchanger inside the device.The position ions raw water becomes soft water can be used fo feeding water of boiler and for some industrial uses.Due to its highly dissolving ability in water,sodium ions will not form hard sediment in the boiler and can be easily removed.Raw water shall be filtered and settled with almost on suspended before coming into the ion-exchanging device.After being softened in the device,the residual hardness shall be less than 0.03mg equivalent/L.

YF hollow-fibre ultrafiter

The ultrafilter adopts dissymmetrical semipermeable film which is made from macromolecule material with special process.The raw liquid flows under pressure,inside or outside the film.The macromolecule substance and colloid particles in the raw liquid are clogged at the film surface and are brought away by circulating raw liquid.Then the raw liquid becomes inspissated,furthermore,the substance in liquid is seperated,concentrated.

RO  series of reverse osmosis device

The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline wate with the action of pressure difference of semi-permeable membrance.It is called reverse osmosis,as it is counter to natural  penetration direction.Different materials have different osmotic pressures.The reverse osmosis method to adopt large osmotic pressures is used to obtain the purpose to separate,extract,purify and 99% glues,microbe ,particulate and organic substances and etc.can be removed with the reverse osmosis.It becomes the most ideal equipment for the modern program of pure water,hyper pure water ,and airspace water.The remarkable characteristics of the equipment are shown as lower energy consumption,no pollution,simple technics,high water quality,easy to operation and maintenance.

Ozone Generators accept air feed and efficiently produce good amount of ozone.  This model is incorporated design and   comes with built in little air-compressor, So it's ready to Plug and play.


1.Corona Discharge Technology.

2.Air Cooled Ozone Cell.

3.High Frequency Power Supply.

4.Guaranteed stable output.

5. The interior includes powerful  air compressor, air dryer.

6. For customer use, this integrative reasonable design is very convenient.

Only put the plug into electric outlet, it can be used .

7. This machine has equipped electric pressure meter, manometer, switch, air

flow meter.

8.The machine body is made of iron with spray-plastic. It's

strong and durable.

Ro water treatment system








Production capacity







Motor power









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