automatic light switch sensor.small infrared motion sensor LIGHT control pir wall switch.

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Brand Name: BESTER
Model Number: BS010L
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: automatic light switch sensor.small infrared motion sensor LIGHT control pir wall switch.


Motion sensor is device can detect human movement by detecting Infrared ray emitted by human body. Motion sensor BS010L with plastic housing, good appearence, small size, easy to instal. Motion sensor working voltage is 12VDC,output voltage=input. Very good for LED strip, LED lighting products, Security System, automatic sensory device and more.




Model No



with light  sensor

Operating voltage

DC 5~15v

Static power loss

≤ 50 uA

Delay time

Default setting 15sec, delay time adjustable (1~30S)

Detecting range

≤110 degrees cone angle, detect range 4~7M

Triggers the way

continuous triggering

Blockade time

0 seconds

Output type


light sensor



48*25*14 mm

Lens dimension



Explanation of some parameter

l .Delay time: After detecting human being movement, the module will output a signal
    (triggering), delay time means the time of output last, from 1second-30seconds.
    For example, if module used for lighting, the delay time is 20s, after detecting human
    movement the light will keep on lighting for 20s.


2.Blockade time:After delay time over, there will be a time period of blockade, in this
    period, any movement can not trigger the module, default setting is 0 sec.


 Detect angle



Functions and Features

1. Automatic Induction: When people enter into the range of induction, it will output high
   level; when people leave, it will turn off high level and output low level with delay.
2.  Light  sensor  control  (it  is  optional,  default setting:  no):It  will  trigger only  in  the
3. Triggering in two ways:


1. Don’t exposed to direct sun light or lighting, big wind, near a heater or air condition.
2. Don’t  fix it at a place where there are obstructing material (eg. Glass, dense clothes)
   which IR cannot get though.
3. Don’t fix it in strong shock or vibration environment.
4.The   first time   use  the  PIR   Motion    detector  module,    it need   about   one  minutes
   initialization time, during this time, the signal triggered by the module not stable, after
   one minute, module will be normal.
5. The sensitivity for left-right direction is better than up-down direction, so please make
   sure the installation direction is left-right.

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Shenzhen Bester Energy Saving Technology Ltd.

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