Super Mini 2.4GHz wireless Keyboard air Mouse for Android TV Box

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Product Description: Super Mini 2.4GHz wireless Keyboard air Mouse for Android TV Box



Key Features:

This is a 2.4GHz RF wireless keyboard/Mouse,The shape is like a remote controller,has 64 keys to customize different fuctions.


1. 2.4GHz Wireless data tramision,USB 1.1 mimi receiver.

2. Operation Range:10 meters

3.Long-time battery use. Low Power: 30uA

4.Operation Voltage: 3.3V

5.Support Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Android 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3. Pefect for HTPC /Android TV Box use.










1, The Operation

Key functional diagram:


1. Conditions of the LED

a. The flashing of the LED on the transceiver shows the remote and the transceiver isn’t connected, However, Seeing the LED on all the time means you have synchronized the remote and the transceiver.

b. If you press any button of the keyboard unit of the remote, the LED on the remote will flicker slowly, that shows the connection of the remote and the transceiver has failed. When the LED is on always, this is to express the connection is done.The remote can work normally.

c. When no press of the keyboard button on the remote, the LED on the remote flashes quickly,Indicating the batteries are almost empty, you should replace the batteries.


2. Function of the keys

(1)Keyboard unit

An important part of the keyboard, Keys are arranged like an ordinary keyboard, this area includes the the number keys, letter keys, punctuation keys, and the keys for controlling.

[ ]POWER:Computer sleep key, Click this button computer will come to sleep. Other key presses’ function is consistent with the normal keyboard function keys.

The function of special key combination:

[Shift]+[F4]: open the home page of the internet explorer

[Shift]+[F5]: open the Outlook Express.

[Shift]+[F6]: open the media player

[Shift]+[F7]: play the last

[Shift]+[F8]: play or pause

[Shift]+[F9]: play the next

[Shift]+[F10]: make the volume mute

[Shift]+[F11]:turn down the volume

[Shift]+ [F12]: turn up the volume


(2) Function keys of the mouse unit

[ ]To position:Hold down this key, the cursor on the PC can be moved with the movement of the remote,Then, release the key and the cursor is located;Or double-click the key, the movement of the mouse cursor can also be achieved,click the key to position the cursor(When using this feature,Pressing right/left mouse keys is effective,Other key presses with no action)

[ ] left key of the mouse: consistent with the function of normal mouse

[ ] right key of the mouse: consistent with the function of normal mouse

3. To set up and synchronize the remote and the transceiver

 Press the Y key and the “ key on the keyboard unit,the LED of the remote is always on,five seconds later,with the LED off, it comes to the process of connection. Wait for a moment, after seeing the LED at the transceiver on all the time, it indicates the process of connection is completed.

Now, your remote is ready for normal use.


2,Electrical parameters are as follows:    











Working current





Sleep current








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