18*18 Embossed PVC Flooring Tiles Non-slip Vinyl Sheet Floors Mixed

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Brand Name: MCEFINE
Model Number: MCEFINE500-1|||MCEFINE500-1
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: 18*18 Embossed PVC Flooring Tiles Non-slip Vinyl Sheet Floors Mixed

Why choose MCEFINE PVC Floor?

-.Professional Manufacturer provides Hi-Q(high quality),acceptable price products.

-.Various types patterns and colors provides more choices.

-.Virgin material,environmentally friendly for home decoration

-.Convenient to lay, and easy to clean and maintain.

-.Honesty offers excellent service.

Product Features:
1.Pro-environment: the main material of PVC floors are the vinyl and naturally calcium

carbonate, and the polythene is recycled and non-toxically material thus have been widely

applied in the daily life, waste flooring materials are also recycled into the product

other than flooring, such as damp-proof membranes and road cone bases, the material

produced can then be reused to produce new flooring.
2.Super thin and super light: the thickness of the PVC floor of MCEFINE is the 2---5mm, and

2---5kg/m2  and its weight is only less than 10% covered materials, and so it is well

received in the tall building and re-construction project in order to use the space

3.Abrasion resistance: there is the abrasion layer that is processed with advanced

technology on the surface of floor, and thus is better than its plain floor’s material,

and it is widely used in the shopping mall, supermarket, and air-port, because of the

abrasion resistance.
4.Excellent Elasticity: the PVC floor of MCEFINE can reduce and foil the impact consequence

caused by the extra things, and protect landing things.
5.Super anti-slip: PVC floor surface of MCEFINE has a special slip resistant floor, but

also compared with the normal ground material, PVC flooring in the viscosity of water under

foot feeling more astringent, less likely to slide, that is, the more water the more

6.Fire-proof: Quality indicators of qualified fire PVC floor OF MCEFINE level up to B1, B1

fire resistance level that is very good, second only to Stone.
7.Water-Proof: the function of PVC floor of MCEFINE can absorb water as its material

consisted by polythene and natural calcium.
8.Acoustic absorption: the PVC floor of MCEFINE can absorb the sound, and the priority

choice for hospital, library is the sort of PVC floor.
9.Antibacterial: PVC floor surface through a special antimicrobial treatment, a number of

excellent performances of special PVC floor surface also increased the antimicrobial agent,

the vast majority has a strong ability to kill bacteria and inhibit the ability of

10.Small and seamless welded joints: special colors of the PVC sheet floor installed by the

strict construction, the joint is very small, a distance almost invisible seams.
11.Color and style variety: PVC floor color variety, such as carpet pattern, Marble, wood

grain flooring, and even personalized custom can be achieved.
12.Rinse easily: PVC floor maintenance is very convenient, with a dirty floor mop wipe
13.Green Renewable: Today is the era of a pursuit of sustainable development, new

materials, new energy emerging; PVC flooring is the only surface decoration materials

recycling, which for the protection of our planet's natural resources and ecological

environment has great significance.
14.Feet feeling comfort: there are comfortable feet feeling for the MECFIINE PVC floor.
15.Thermal conductivity: the PVC floor, good thermal conductivity, heat evenly, and the

thermal expansion coefficient is small, relatively stable.
17.Acid corrosion resistant: PVC floor with a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance,

can withstand harsh conditions, ideal for hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and

other places.

Supplier Details:

Suzhou MCEFINE Decorative Material Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Candy Suzhou

Contact Phone:86-512-63383352-818

Main Products:Plastic Flooring

Business type:Manufacturer


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