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Reusable hot/ cold gel pack( microwaveable heating pad, reusable hot/cold pack)

Price: US $ 0.25 - 1.7 / Piece
Brand Name: Intco
Model Number: Gel0510
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: Reusable hot/ cold gel pack( microwaveable heating pad, reusable hot/cold pack)

Reusable hot/ cold gel pack( microwaveable heating pad, reusable hot pack)

Reusable hot/cold compress are poly/nylon bags composed of non-toxic gel. To heat, microwave or boil following instructions on back of the compress. For cold therapy, freeze for at least one hour. Function & Theory same as instant cold or hot compress.

Reusable hot/ cold gel pack can be reused either for cold or hot compress.
Remain soft and pliable after freezin.
Reusable hot/ cold gel pack is easy to clean with soap and water.

Very soft packaging material.

We can manufacture various kinds of color for you
it can be in different size and  printed with your own artwork.


brief introductionHome or clinical use  Non drip / conformable   characteristicComfort whether applied hot or cold Ideal for headache, Fever, Sport Injuries, Tooth extraction, Aching Muscles, Back Pain, Sinusitis, Menstrual Cramps, Minor Burns For external use only   usagePut pack in microwave or freezer  For hot therapy, heat the pack within 1 minute, under 500 Walt; If reheat is needed, put the pack in microwave for just 10 seconds.  For cold therapy, store the product in deep freezer for minimum 3 hour before use The warm/cold effect can almost last 1 hour, which depnds on body temperature, room temperature or usage.  caution Keep away from extreme and direct heat. Store in a dry place Wrap the product with a cloth or thin towel before application to bare skin People with known or suspected for circulatory problems should not use a hot or cold compress except under the direct supervision of a doctor If hot or cold therapy becomes uncomfortable, remove product for some time, then reapply Do not puncture outer bag. if pack breaks and fluid contact skin or eyes, flush with water immediately and consult your doctor  brief introductionRevitalising and refreshing when sufering from headaches or swollen eyes or faces Cold: to smooth puffiness, tire and also to reduce the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles, also effective to relieve headaches and hangovers Warm: to reduce nasal or sinus congestion   characteristicRelieve fatigue  Smoothe away stress Flexible gel filling   useage Cold: store mask in refrigerator between uses For maximum relief, lay down in a comfortable position for 20 minutes in a quiet room while wearing mask   Warm: Heat mask in microwave for 10-30 seconds, prior to use  Do not overheat and place only warm mask ontoface. Not hot   Wipe with a damp cloth after use to keep mask clean and hygenic  brief introductionUsed either for cold or hot Specially designed for parts of body  Use as flexible ice or soothing heat  Cold helps reduce pain and swelling  Heat helps muscle aches and stiffness   characteristicRemain soft and pliable after freezing  Different sizes and colors are available  Reusable with elastic wrap   usageTo heat, microwave or boil the pack by instructions To abtain cold therapy, freeze the pack for at least one hour. Place the pack in the bag of the support for usage Individuals with problems in sensing heat or cold should use extreme caution with this product For external use only   caution for hotIf the pack is too holt, let it cool before using. If pack needs to be heated further, reheat for 15 seconds, knead and check temperature.  Doctors recommend do not leave the pack on for longer than 30 minutes, for each session Do not begin another therapy session for at least 2 hours  caution for coldCold therapy is recommended for the first 48 hours following injury, store cold pack in freezer for at least 2 hours  Insert gel pack in cover or wrap in cloth Remove pack if it becomes uncomfortable  Do not apply longer than 20 minutes at a time  brief introductionInstant relief for knocks, bruises, sprains and sports injuries  Relieve frostbite in cold season, or arthritis in wet weather Improve blood circulation  characteristicNo heating required Ideal for emergencies, work instantly Convenient and portable   usageRemove the inner bag by hand, do not cut with scissor or a knife  Crush the inner bag for a few seconds to activate the contents Apply the heat pack to clothing and not the skin.   caution Do not use while sleeping, near a heat source or whilst exercising Do not put the heat pack in footwear as temperature can rise suddenly and the pack may expand Do not apply pressure, for example by lying or sitting on the heat pack; allow air to circulate over the heat pack Consult with your doctor first if you have rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, nerve damage, sensory impairment, diabetic or pregnant Keep out of reach of children and babies. 



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