high quality Konjac noodles,hot sale in 2011,low-fat, instant noodles

Price: US $ 6.52 - 20.82 / Box
Brand Name: Zhuge konjac Banquet
Model Number: KN 01
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: high quality Konjac noodles,hot sale in 2011,low-fat, instant noodles

The main material of "Zhuge kongjac banquet" noodles is high quality wheat flour and konjac refined powder. We use the latest vacuum dough kneading technique. Scientists found that in konjac have abundant KGM, aminophenol, Ca, Fe, Se.  Especially KGM has the function of losing weight, reducing blood sugar, and blood pressure, facilitating bowel movement, dispersing the stasis and preventing cancer.


Konjac soluble dietary fiber- Glucomannan can delay the absorption of glucose, fat and cholesterol because of its big molecules and high viscosity. Also, it can effectively reduce the blood sugar content after the meal, reduce the burden of the islets, still can prevent atherosclerosis and other diseases of heart head blood-vessel. Therefore, it was regard as the ideal food for people with diabetes.

The noodles taste smooth, pliable and easily cooking, they also have the following advantages:

1. Low calorie.

2. High soluble dietary fibre- KGM.

3. Pollution-free raw materials.

4. No preservatives.


Konjac is an ideal food for weight control and prevention of obesity
Because It is:
·Made of a healthy natural fiber called Glucomannan .
·Low- calories. Low-carbohydrates,
·No fat, No Sugar, No starch.
·Normalizes Cholesterol Levels.
·Prevents High Blood Pressure.
·Is Alkaline Food.



Wheat flour/powder, purified water, high quality konjac purified powder, edible salt.


Benefit for:

1)   People with hyperacidity

2)   People with IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

3)   Diabetics

4)   People with High Cholesterol Levels

5)   People with constipation


Cooking direction:

1)  To heat to a rolling boil 4 to 6 quarts of water;

2)  put the noodles into the pot;

3)  Waiting for 5 minutes;

4)  Put out the noodles and add your favorite condiment and enjoy.



400g/bag, 480g/bag, 6bags/box(26cm811.5cm*16.7cm),10bags/box(26cm811.5cm*26cm), 20bags/box(32.5cm*26.8cm821.5cm).


The production license: QS610701030060


Product standard number: 1992. T3213 / LS


Storage methods: avoid light, dry, cool place





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