ABS Thermoformed Custom Plastic Golf Car Bodies

Price: US $ 1 - 50 / Piece
Brand Name: HONYIEN
Model Number: HY-A1001
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: ABS Thermoformed Custom Plastic Golf Car Bodies

1. Application of ABS custom vacuum molding plastic product technology

With the rapid demand of more diversified products, more and more designers have been considering to use vacuum formed plastic product technology to make custom made golf cart cowl kit, shell and etc, which features low tooling cost and fast lead time.


Vacuum formed plastic product, one of the oldest methods of processing plastic material, has also been widely used today to make plastic enclosure, cover, cowl, housing, parts, base, liner, tray, tub, container, case, dome, box, rack, stand, inner liner, component, fitting, accessory, applied in wide industries as Automotive, Agricultural, Building and Construction, Design, Electronic, Machinery, Sanitary industries and etc. 


2. Why chooose Honyien Plastics Company for ABS custom vacuum molding service?

A. Proficient skills and profound knowledge in dealling with thick gauge plastic sheet vacuum formed products making, up to 12mm;

B. Competitively pricing, because of self-supply of vacuum formed material: plastic sheets;

C. Seamlessly cooperation with customers to ensure exact fulfillment of all specification.

D. Complete ABS vacuum formed plastic cover solution: from preliminary project design support, material production to tooling design, making and vacuum formed products manufacturing

E. All types of vacuum formed material available: ABS, HIPS, ABS/PMMA, etc. textured, smooth, gloss or matt, fire-retarded or UV resisted


3. Process of contracted ABS custom vacuum moldingmanufacturing with Honyien:

A. CAD/3D File Review--The process begins with preliminary review of your design file. To see if your design files are fit for vacuum formed technologies, please contact us for first review.

B. Design Assessment--Your design will be thoroughly examined by our assessment team to see how we can best make it with ABS vacuum formed plastic cover. Proposals will be offered while keeping the best quality and maintaining the integrity of your design to the greatest extent.

C. Product Design Assisting--Our engineer will assist you fulfill your creation, make proposals, translate your drawing into CAD/3D files, if necessary.

D. Tooling--Tight control will be made over the entire tooling process to eliminate the risk of misinterpretation of your concept and other potential problems.

E. Sampling--Quick and accurate sampling will follow to confirm your designs before mass ABS vacuum formed plastic cover production.

F. Manufacturing--Our ABS vacuum formed plastic cover manufacturing features fast lead time, exceptional level of details, flexible order volumes.


4. ABS custom vacuum molding process at Honyien:

1. Extruding plastic sheet:

ABS, HIPS, PP, PE, PC, PETG, PMMA resin granules are extruded or co-extruded into thermoplastic sheet--textured, smooth, gloss or matt, fire-retarded or UV resisted

2. Vacuum forming to shape:

After being heated, the plastic sheet is stretched onto or into a mould, and held against the mold by applying vacuum between the mould surface and the sheet to form desired shapes.

3. Cooling to maintain shape:

Once formed the plastic need to cool before being released from the mould. To speed up the cooling cycle, fans are fitted and activated once the plastic part is formed.

4. Making large product:

Our machine could be restructured to make larger plastic ABS vacuum formed plastic cover, with maximun dimensions of 3000*2000*800*12mm  (L*W*H*T)

5. Trimming edges:

Extra material is firstly trimmed before more accurate processing. Sawing is often used in this stages. Polishing is made additioanlly to smoothen the edges. 

6. Drilling holes:

Drilling oftens follow the trimming. Other post forming processes include decoration, printing, strengthening, reinforcing and assembly.

7. CNC Processing:

For more accurate and faster speed post ABS vacuum forming plastic cover processing, CNC is often used. The machine is computer programmed to select the correct cutting tools and angle to suit each cutting area.

8. Examination and checking:

Before packaging, all our vacuum formed covers will be carefully checked in terms of dimensions, surface finish, stenghth, colour requirements and so on.

9. Cleansing and Packaging

All ABS vacuum formed plastic covers are cleaned before packaging. Products are wrapped with plastic film to prevent scratches and cartoon boxs are used or other methods are applied as required.


For more information and support about ABS thermoformed custom made golf cart cowl kit technology, please feel free to contact Honyien!

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