Mini Tank for air gun, CO2 cylinder,gas cylinder

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Post Date: Mar 08,2012

Product Description: Mini Tank for air gun, CO2 cylinder,gas cylinder

CO2 Cylinder gas generator
gas cylinder

Mini Tank for air gun,buoy
steel cylinder for air gun, buoy,gas sample

Details  for Mini Tanks:

Specifications and Parameters of CO2 Cylinder gas generator

ModelGas Weight(g)GasGas Volumem (l)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)ThreadFilling Pressure (kgf/cm2)Explosive Pressure (kgf/cm2)Temperature for useGross Weight (g)D18-88CO21018.665Φ8.7mm60≥450≤6036D18-1212CO21518.682.53/8-24UNF60≥450≤6048D21-1616CO22121.888.43/8-24UNF60≥450≤6060D25-1717CO22825.4941/2-20UNF60≥450≤6087      3/8-24UNF    D25-2525CO23225.41071/2-20UNF60≥450≤60109      3/8-24UNF    D21-2828CO238211611/2-20UNF60≥450≤60117D25-3333CO24525.41391/2-20UNF60≥450≤60145D30-3838CO261.5301381/2-20UNF60≥450≤60180D30-6550~65CO298302021/2-20UNF60≥450≤60305Our Mini gas cylinder are made by stamping and broaching fine-quality low carbon steel plates,are filled with gas required and welded and sealed with steel diaphragms.When used,break the diaphragm and let the gas in the cylinder released.Our Mini gas cylinders have characteristics of small volume,lightweight,and various models.They are able to be filled with various kinds of liquefied gases and compressed gases,and they are able to be made according to your orders.Applications:life jackets,life buoy,air life jackedts,beverage(beer) machines,powder fire extinguishers,automobile emergency air guns,automobile safe gasbags,emergency aerophores,family emergency aerophores,health beverage(O2) machines.Store under dry and ventilative condition,avoid to be in the sun directly.

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Shanghai QiLong High Pressure Container Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-21-55953972

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