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Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/10/100(Ⅰ)

Price: 100
Brand Name: GLVAC
Model Number:
Country/Region: CN
Post Date: Sep 01,2017

Product Description: Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/10/100(Ⅰ)

CKTB500/10/100(Ⅰ) vacuum capacitor Cross reference
Jennings Type: CSVF 500-0315

comet old type: CV1C-500T/15
comet new type: CVVE-500AC/15-BCA-M
The CKTB500/10/100(Ⅰ) capacitor use vacuum as dielectric with ceramic envelope ,which have the following features:High voltage , Small size , High Q value, Stabilization capability , High reliability ,Low price.
The capacitor is Variable ceramic vacuum capacitors widely used in influence heating ,medium heating ,the equipments for communication

Supplier Details:

Kunshan GuoLi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Contact Phone:086-0512-36872107

Main Products:vacuum circuit breakers,vacuum capacitor,vacuum interrupters,thyratron,magnetron,AC contactors

Business type:Manufacturers


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