T-D033 Soft Laser Pen Beauty Equipment

Price: US $15 - 40 / Set
Brand Name: BEST
Model Number: T-D033
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 24,2011

Product Description: T-D033 Soft Laser Pen Beauty Equipment

T-D033 Soft Laser Pen Beauty Equipment (CE and RoHS Approval) CharacteristicMode of actionThe Softlaser radiation provides the principal energy sources of the skin cells (knows as mitochondria) with energy, stimulating increased production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This in turn increases the regenerative power of the cells. Treatment with the Softlaser provides the body cells with a defined biological energy. The effect of the Softlaser begins at cellular level. However, the regeneration processes will take a little time before the result can be seen. When the unit is used correctly, an improvement in the condition will be noticed within a few days. However, treatment should be carried out for a least a week.If the symptoms do not improve or subside within 3-4 days of treatment (in spite of using the laser unit in accordance with instructions) please consult your doctor. All of the skin conditions for which the unit can be used may require repeated treatment. In general, after repeated treatment you will see that the condition becomes less severe each time it recurs. Treatment must be carried out for between 15 and 30 minutes every day. Uses:Herpes (lip or fever blisters) / Inflammations of oral mucosa (mucous membranes of the mouth)Herpes- triggered by the herpes simplex virus- is an infection of the skin and mucosa and tends to recur at intervals. The virus is widespread and is transmitted through droplets or direct contact. Initial infection generally occurs in early childhood. The virus then remains dormant in the body until it is triggered by stress factors such as feverish infections, psychological stress or physical over- exertion (energy deficiency) and exposure to high levels of UV light etc.Herpes usually appears as small vesicles in the area around the lips or, in special cases, symptoms may occur in the form of Aphthae, an inflamed mucous membrane of the mouth. Skin cells which are affected by the herpes virus have many different mechanisms which are especially suited for dealing with the virus and these are triggered by acute infection. For this, the skin cells require cell energy which is promoted by the Softlaser.Treatment: Hold the Softlaser approximately 1 cm from the affected area. Do not hold the unit directly against the skin. Inflammations of the angle of the mouth, chapped lips, chafed skinThese conditions, if they fail to heal over a longer period, can also be successfully treated using the Softlaser and the healing mechanism of exhausted cells can be optimized. Treatment: Hold the Softlaser approximately 1 cm from the affected area. Do not hold the unit directly against the skin. Acne The severity of acne can vary considerably from person, so it is necessary to use different, methods of treatment. If the acne is severe, then you should consult a doctor and cosmetic therapy may be necessary. Treating acne with the Softlaser will not prevent it from appearing or alter its normal course. However, if used consistently, the Softlaser can have a beneficial effect on the inflammation.Treatment: if the spots have appear recently and are still open then hold the Softlaser 1 cm from the affected area; if the spots are closed and dry then the Softlaser may be held directly against the skin. Small scars, wrinkles

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