The new model of waste paper recycling machine

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Post Date: Mar 07,2012

Product Description: The new model of waste paper recycling machine

       Recycling waste paper recycling making machine



       1,  Since the invention of paper from the people know, waste paper can make new paper again, before the 1970 s, people for economic reasons, and in order to reduce the production cost, use waste paper as the raw material to make the paper; But the waste paper recycling, has become the needs of the development of the whole society. Paper industry is the only can use recycled products as secondary materials industry. This products is mainly adopt the waste paper making paper pulp, it has the save resource, turn waste into wealth advantage.

This waste paper pulping technical process is according to the product requirements of the design, to choose the modern waste paper pulp the most advanced technology and perfect mechanical equipment. It can produce the high strength Kraft paper; the main type selection equipment is including the size degradation of waste paper, defibering and purification; the degradation and purification equipment: hydrapupler→double cone high thick dregs device→defibrator→upwash pressure screen→vibration screen→double disc refiner→Simple type inclined nets inspissation machines→Low-thick sand-remover→paper making machine.

      2,  Paper machine is composed of a series of joint mechanical equipment. Papermaking of wet process is from the inlet pulp header pipe of flow box or with other auxiliary equipments to go to the reeling paper section; this part of the equipment is consists of slurry flow send part, wire table part, press part, dry part, calender part, reeling part and the transmissions of paper machine etc; and also equipped with the vacuum system, air pressure or hydraulic system, lubrication system, paper injection system, steam system, exhaust hood with exhaust system and hot air system.

(1),Cylinder wire part:

(2), Press part:

(3), The dryer part:


(4), Three rollers calender:

 (5), Horizontal type of reeling paper machine:


3, Main equipment poicture of paper machine:

(1),Paper machine section:

(2)Pulping making section:

4, Supply scope description

 Principles of supply scope are bounded by first flange ora or threaded, fitting. Sections description are as follows: 

Vacuum dewatering elements are bounded by vacuum element and Interface flanges of vacuum pipes.

 Gas hood is bounded by entrance,exhaust outlet flange.

Sparge pipe, air tube offering paper machine internal section, external interface.

Above mentions are paper machine supplier’s supply scopes, Out of bounds are responsible by the paper machine purchaser .

Polyester NET, blankets, equipment lubricants and the electricity wiring is not under the scope of supply. 

5, After-sales service:

Our company will be to produce the best quality, the banner of science and technology paper machine for the purpose, for customer service by heart and soul. Please refer to the products service as below:

Ours products implement three guarantees policy: in the warranty period, if the machine has a problem belong to itself, we will change the machine or back money to buyer; if it belongs to other problem, we will offer the best price for service and readjust the machine or reproduce.

Please keep the close contact with user and technology department; and offer the necessary technology supports; with the best installation quality and the fastest speed for users to install and testing the machine until the paper machine can produce paper.

In the installation process, we will offer the free service for user training equipment operators and electrical maintenance operators; make sure everything is going be all right. We will set up the files of customer for track service and make sure normal production and improved technology in the future. 

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