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General Compressors


" I worked for years for another contractor that had Atlas Copco compressors, and they always worked. That's why I chose the same ones when I started my own business."

"One good thing about this kind of work is we perform most of it well below ground," Easterly explains. We go under driveways, trees, lawns, and landscaping so there's minimal restoration required. Homeowners are a lot happier that way."

When You Work in the Desert, You Have to Take the HEAT. Equipment that works reliably in Phoenix will hold up anywhere. Greater Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the country's fastest growing metropolitan areas. Now America's fifth-largest metro region, Phoenix owes much of its rapid growth to the climate control systems in buildings and vehicles that provide a cool escape from the scorching desert heat.

Not everyone, however, enjoys the luxury of working in air-conditioned comfort. Work outdoors in Phoenix in the summer and you learn a thing or two about heat. Daytime air temperatures routinely exceed 110 degrees and the nearly constant sun raises surface temperatures higher still.


For industrial equipment that also generates its own heat the desert work environment is brutal. According to Tim Walker, sales representative with Phoenix-based Lindco Equipment and Supply, Inc., "Equipment that works reliably in Phoenix will hold up anywhere."


Consider the case of one of Walker's customers, Doublejack, Inc., also based in Phoenix. The equipment that Doublejack counts on to work reliably in the desert heat includes a fleet of twelve Atlas Copco XAS 96 portable compressors.


As a contractor for power products such as Arizona Public Service and the Salt River Project, Doublejack keeps a constantly growing workforce busy on power service restoration jobs. "Some of the underground lines that bring power to homes have gotten very old," says Doublejack president Don Easterly. "Over time they begin to fault out and residents lose power. When that happens, we get a work order to install a new line."


Doublejack crews start by digging a trench about three feet down to work under the residential water services. Using an air-powered, underground piercing tool called a "hog," a tunnel is bored through the ground in between the main power line and the home. It's a hard, slow process. When the hog has bored through to its target, workers install an underground conduit system and the new power line is snaked through. The conduit remains, making any future underground line work much easier.

Performing these power restoration jobs requires a reliable supply of compressed air.

The Atlas Copco XAS 96 compressors Doublejack uses feature an 80-horsepower, water-cooled John Deere diesel engine powering a rotary-screw compressor that generates air at 185 CFM and 102 PSI.

Air is available through two outlets. Doublejack has eight of its compressors on wheels and four mounted in the back of crew trucks.

"We always need air for ground piercing tools, jack hammers, and chippers. We blow mandrels with compressed air. When installing a new conduit from one manhole to another, we blow compressed air to ensure at least 80% availability of space inside the conduit. Our Atlas Copco compressors run six to eight hours a day, day after day. They're quiet, which helps in residential neighborhoods. And they run without overheating, which is crucial in Phoenix."


The argument could be made that Doublejack runs on air, so Easterly's choice of air compressors has a direct, daily impact on his business. Easterly says he chose Atlas Copco based on previous experience. "I worked for years for another contractor that had Atlas Copco compressors, and they always worked. That's why I chose the same ones when I started my own business."

The business he started has grown substantially in five years. Early in 2005, Doublejack moved to a new 3-acre facility that provides more room for more equipment and business operations. The company has more than 80 full-time employees including laborers, CDL truck drivers, operating engineers, supervisors, and support staff.


Whether it's blistering heat of July or the cooler temperatures of winter in the desert, Doublejack's compressors keep their operation moving. "Atlas Copco compressors just go to work," says Easterly. "If everything in this business were as trouble-free as the compressors, life would be good."


The "Doublejack" name has been with Don Easterly since the beginning of his career in construction.

"When I was just starting out as a laborer, one day on a job site the supervisor sent me to the tool shed to bring back a 'doublejack.' I came back with nothing and said to the boss, 'Sorry the only thing I saw in there was a sledgehammer.' That was when I learned that a doublejack is a sledgehammer with two blunt heads."


Easterly says he's gotten plenty of kidding about it over the years. Now the name lives on with his business.

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