Soft laser Laser Tattoo removal beauty equipment

Price: US $ 1 - 2,000 / Piece
Brand Name: Eadie
Model Number: C-261
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 06,2012

Product Description: Soft laser Laser Tattoo removal beauty equipment

Name: Soft laser Laser Tattoo removal beauty equipment                             Code: C-261

Voltage: AC220V  50HZ-60HZ                                               Output: 500W

Max current: 5A                                                                         Energy density: 0-1000MJ

Frequency: 1-6HZ variable                                                     Pulse width: 6-20ns  variable

Weight:17KG                                                                             Packing:aluminium case


Treatment principle:

    The using of the selective absorption theory of the light to remove melanin,in another way, laser has the complete decomposition effect on melanin. Activated carbon is daubed in the part being treated,so that part of the laser energy is firstly transmited to hypodermis through the activated carbon,while part of the laser energy is directly absorbed by the activated carbon.Epidermal pigment is decomposed when the energy directly absorbed explodes. The melanin in the hair follicle breaks down into small particles when the energy that is transmitted to hypodermis explodes ,and these small particles are engulfed by the macrophage and excreted by the lymphatic system. Activated carbon can reduce the lasers damage to the skin and fully transfer the laser energy to the deep-seated  skin, to remove melanoma, and to speed up the metabolism of the aging cell , so that the skin quickly returns to the young state.


1.The head for treatment adopts the emerald imported from Israel.

2.Super-long pulse width design (width: 100ms).

3.Static energy up to 1500mj, dynamic energy  up to 1000mj.

4.The first creates cooling system for the head for treatment in china.

5.Four cooling mode (air cooling/ water cooling/ semiconductor cooling / compressor refrigeration).

6.It can non-stop work for 10 hours.


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Guangzhou Panyu Dashi Eadie Cosmetology Equipment Factory


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