Almighty soft laser skin care beauty equipment

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Model Number: L-21
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Post Date: Mar 06,2012

Product Description: Almighty soft laser skin care beauty equipment

L-21 Almighty soft laser skin care beauty equipment 



Almighty softlaser machine , developed by Jimy and imported international advanced technique, on beauty salons, which is in top-ranking on effect and safety of therapy.


Almighty softlaser is a brand-newscience and technology in virtue of proper light-energy with 10J per and transitory heat energy. Wave band of spectrum is between 400nm to 1200nm, wider than normal IPL with 560cn1200nm. Its more suitable than color lights for speckle, hard pockmark removal, improving uneven skin color. In Japan, Europe and America countries, Softlaser facial therapy is not only a tide, also a trend, cause it can solve some normal skin problem, like pigmentation,  degraded skin quality, tiny wrinkles etc. Light which acts on skins, are filtered after special optics technical disposal. It is a length of normal spectrum applied to surgical beauty. This kind of spectrum has selectivity to break down tissues of Target, such as pigmentation, dye, blood vessel, hair follicular etc. So-called Selectivity, it means laser of the special wave-length, its energy is mainly absorbed by Target tissues, but at same time, its surrounding tissues and configuration are hardly harmed,effective heat energy also can enhance collagen fibre at dermis layer flexibility, so as to shrinken pores, improve wrinkle skin, make skin tender. 




Almighty softlaser machine adopts pulse light with special wide-spectrum, exothermic light-pipe with wave band 400nm to 1200nm, irradiates heat energy on skin tissues, makes skin cells and collagen albumen fibre rearranging and recover flexibility, at same time, enhances tissue of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, to deeply whiten skin, make up water, tight and lift, kill bacterial and diminish inflammation etc.



Without any pain producing during treatment, its not accompanied with stimulation and othe side effect, obviously effective.


It is less pertinence than laser, but if being treated after some periods of treatment,  has same effective as laser therapy..







Skin feeling

Stab,causalgia and bleeding

Light causalgia

Warm acmesthesia, no pain


Single wave length

Multi wave length

Multi wave length and heat energy

Wave Band

Single but collective

560nm-1200nm,no blue & purple light

400nm-1200nm,longest, has blue & purple light easily obsorbed by melanin


Strongest, makes cutis attrited, has releative danger

No abrasion, but light is dificult to control, safer than laser, but also exists certain danger

No abrasion, light energy nertral, easy control on heat energy, safest



Doctor only

Doctor operation is recommended.


Mair therapeutic range

Deep melanin, hormone speckle, fleck, micro vas enlargement,  naevus, birthmark, hair removal

Fleck, uneven pigment, yellow skin,ossein rebirth, tighten micro vas enlargement, bottle nose, hair removal

Acne, spots, uneven skin color, yellow skin, ossein rebirth, tighten micro vas enlargement, bottle nose, firm skin, dispel wrinkle, and fatness


Dont use water to wash face within 2 days; apply  ointment on wound; dont use make-up; be sure not out within two weeks; need repeated treatment

Can use make-up, live as normal but avoid sunshine, need repeated treatment.

Can use make-up, live as normal but avoid sunshine, dont need repeated treatment, more treatments are only for  consolidation.


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