electronic temperature controller timer

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Product Description: electronic temperature controller timer

electronic temperature controller timer


A18 series temperature controller is an economical and easy to operate industrial temperature controller. It is designed for various applications, for plastic industries, food processing equipment’s, packaging equipments’s, environmental test instrument’s and general In-process temperature controls (eg. Furnace, Drum heating, Pipe line heating).


Using Advance artificial intelligence control algorithm with Auto tuning , A18 reduces the “overshoot” problem without the need of going through a complicated PID parameter setting pre-run. A18 can achieve precise controls with minimum set up time.


The temperature controller has an advanced Modular Output structure allow various outputs options be configured for quick delivery. This also allows easy field service and to implement regular maintenance program ( example, replace a new Relay Module for every 100,000 hours of estimated switching operations).


It can be operate with universal line voltage, of 100~240VAC 50/60 Hz power supply.



Input type: RTD.Measurement range : Pt100 (-200~600 degree C )Measurement accuracy: 0.3%FS±1 degree CTemperature display resolution:  1/0.1 degree CControl mode: On-off control mode or Artificial Intelligence control with auto tuning.Output mode (modularized) : SSR.Alarm function: High limit and deviation high alarm.Power supply voltage rating: 100-240VAC, -15%, +10%; 50-60HzPower consumption: ≤5W.Ambient : Temperature  -10~60 degre C , Relative humidity of 0~90RH%.









2. Output mode


SSR Voltage output :12VDC/20mA (used to drive SSR).



Basal display status:

When power on, the upper display window of the instrument shows the process value (PV), and the lower window shows the set point (SV). This status is called basal display status. When the input signal is out of the measurable range (for example, the  thermocouple or RTD circuit is break, or input specification sets wrong), the upper display window will alternately display “orAL” and the high limit or the low limit of PV, and the instrument will automatically stop output.


Artificial Intelligence control and auto tuning

When A18 control method is chosen, the control parameters can be obtained by running auto-tuning. At the first time of running auto-tuning, in basic display status, press“<<" for 2 seconds, “At” will flash at lower display window and the instrument executes on-off control. After 2 to 3 cycles of on-off action, the instrument will obtain the values of PID control parameters. If you want to escape from auto tuning status, press“<<" and hold for about 2 seconds until the "At" flash stops. Depending on the system, the time of auto tuning can be several seconds to several hours. After the auto tuning finishes, the parameter “CTRL” automatically changes to 3 (the initial value is 1) or 4, and then user can’t active auto tuning by pressing “<<"for 2 seconds. If user wants to run auto tuning again, setting parameter "CTRL” to 2. (Refer to the description of parameter “CTRL”).
Note 1: Before running auto-tuning, set point should be set to an often-used value or middle value first, and then start auto-tuning. Generally, for application with 10%~80% time on heating can obtain satisfying auto-tuning result. If the heating time is not in the range of 10~80%, the auto-tuning will run for a long time and can’t get satisfying result.
Raising set point for heating time less than 10% or decreasing set point for heating time greater than 80% can improve auto-tuning result.
Note 2: Don’t modify the set point during auto-tuning. It may affect the precision of auto-tuning.
Note 3: After auto-tuning finishes, generally, the temperature rising has a little over-shoot (about 1~3 ). It is because °C considering that the transducer is often placed between the heater and heated material, and a little over-shoot can shorten the time of rising to set point and save Power. (Generally, the temperature of transducer can be raised quickly than that of heated material).

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