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Product Description: home water filter

I.home water filter Description

 Cartridge filter, namely core filter, can further remove the suspended solids and other impurity in the water.


II.tap water filter  Component

Cartridge filter is made of high-quality 304or 316L stainless steel. It is used for removing solid particle, bacteria, colloid and other impurities from liquid. This equipment has such features as high-pressure resistance, ease replacement of filter element, small space, and good filter effect etc.


III.home water filter Specification

Body material: SUS304, SUS316L  available with surface polished

suitable for different type filter                    

Filter element: PPF; PPSW; Fold PP filter element, Fold stainless filter element,etc

Pore size: 0.1100 um

Nominal pressure: 0.6Mpa

excellent durability and corrision resistance,


Precision FilterDiameter * Cartridge Nos * ThicknessFilter Cartridge length (inch)10203040Flow RateFlow RateFlow RateFlow RateMMINCHT/HGPMT/HGPMT/HGPMT/HGPMΦ102 * 1 * 1.54*1*Φ159 * 3 * 1.56.3*3*Φ195 * 5 * 1.57.7*5*0.0628.8417.67.533626.4Φ230 * 7 * 1.59.1*7*0.06 730.810.546.21461.6Φ300 * 10 * 1.511.8*10*0.06 15662088Φ325 * 12 * 1.512.8*12*0.06187924106Φ350 * 15 * 213.8*15*0.08208830132Φ400 * 20 * 215.7*20*0.08Equipment: 40 inch filter cartridge, Notch, Tape, sealing, fixing rod, rocker arm44194Φ450 * 25 * 217.7*25*0.0850220Φ500 * 35 * 219.7*35*0.0870308Φ600 * 45 * 3 23.6*45*0.1280-90352-396Φ700 * 50 * 327.6*50*0.1290-100 396-440Φ800 * 65 * 431.5*65*0.16100-130 440-572Φ1000 * 80 * 439.4*80*0.16130-160 572-705Φ1100 * 110 * 443.3*110*0.16160-220705-969


IV. home water filter Features

1. A unique filter design techniques, to be effective in preventing filter bag filter trap into the basket, ensure 100% without spills.
2. Basket laid by the computer, the high-intensity laser drilling stainless steel plate, with rarely fixtures materials after molding, polishing,.
3. Compact size and reasonable. Installation and operation is simple and convenient , the site is smaller.
4. Filtration with high precision, it applies to any suspension or fine particulate material, the filters range from 1~800 micron;
5. Dealing with a larger flow filtration unit area, the smaller filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency. Function of one filter bag is 5-10 times than filter core of the same type ,which can greatly reduce costs. Flow design can meet the requirements of 1~500m3/h, down low the manufacture cost;
6. A wide range of uses, can be used for coarse filtration, middle Filter or accuracy filter; It comes to lower investment cost, long life and low cost when achieve the same results in the circumstances compared with Pre-filter water filtration and precision machines and other equipment
7. In the same rational structure and operation of low-cost, effectiveness and capacity of the filter, Bag filters takes lower price than foreign imports.


V.home water filter Application

 It is widely used water pre-treating and post-treating systems in many fields, including electron, petroleum, chemical engineering, medicine, food and beverage etc.  





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