ZTE AC8720 CDMA Wireless Modem

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Product Description: ZTE AC8720 CDMA Wireless Modem

AC8720 CDMA2000 1X USB Wireless Data Terminal is developed and manufactured by ZTE Corporation supporting laptops/desktops and other equipments with USB interface. AC8720 can provide data, voice and SMS services.
Model Category Frequency Remark
AC8720 CDMA2000 1X USB Wireless Data Terminal 800MHz Support data, voice, SMS services
Table 1 Acronyms
Acronyms Full Description
ZTE ZTE Corporation
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
R-UIM Removable User Identity Module
CDG CDMA Development Group
ESD Electronic Static Discharge
EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EMI Electro Magnetic Interference
DTMF Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
USB Universal Serial Bus

Table 2 Appearance and structure
Item AC8720 Remark
Dimension 86mm×26mm×10.1mm 
Weight 38.7g  
Materia  PC 
Display LED indication 
Interface USB interface(USB 2.0) Compatible with USB1.1/1.0
Support operating systems Windows XP/2000/VISTA, MAC, Linux 

4.1 Voice functions
Table 3 Voice Functions
Item Description Remark
Voice Voice call origination 
 Voice call termination 
 Caller ID presentation 
 Voice call redial 
 Received call history 
 Missed call history 
 Dialed call history 
Sound Voice volume adjustable 
 Incoming call notification 
 New SMS notification 
4.2 Display functions
Table 4 Display functions
Item Description Remark
Signal strength indication  
Time and date indication  
Call ID display  
Incoming call display  
Network flux indication  
Network rate indication  
4.3 SMS functions
Table 5 SMS functions
Item Description Remark
Send/Receive short messages  
Short message group send 50 recipients 
Short message copy Copy R-UIM to PC 
Short message deleting Delete short message 
Short message storage 1000 messages in PC
(Depends on PC memory) Different types of R-UIM card have different storage capacities for short messages.
Short message handling Reply, forward, save and voice call back 
SMS automatically split send >160 ASCII automatically split send characters 
4.4 Data functions  Table 6 Data functionsItem Description Remark
Data rate Up to 153.6kbps(RL/FL) 
Network record  
Network rate indication  
Network flux indication  
Network flux statistic  
4.5 Other functions
Table 7 Other functions
Item Description Remark
R-UIM card function Support R-UIM or built-in UIM 
5.1 Communication protocols and technical indices

Table 8 Communication protocols and technical indices
Item AC8720
Access mode CDMA2000 1X
CDMA protocol IS-95A/B, IS-98A, IS2000(CDMA2000 1X)
Data rate Up to 153.6kbps
Interval between transmitting and receiving frequency 45MHz
Voice coding EVRC,13k QCELP
5.2 RF receiving
Table 9 RF receiving
Item AC8720
Frequency range 869MHz894MHz
RX sensitivity -104 dBm(FER≤0.5)
Range of receiving signal -25 dBm~ -104dBm(FER≤0.5)
Signal Tone Desensitization
Single tone FER≤1.0(-101dBm/BW, 30dBm@±900KHz)
Intermodulation Spurious
Response Attenuation FER≤1.0(Test1: -101dBm/BW , +900/+1700K Hz, -43dBm)

 FER≤1.0(Test 2: -101dBm/BW , -900/-1700K Hz, -43dBm)

Conducted spurious emission <-76dBm/1MHz(869 ~ 894MHz)
 <-61dBm/1MHz(824 ~ 849MHz)
 <-47dBm/30KHz(other frequency)
Demodulation of forward channel under additive white Gaussian noise FER≤3.0(Test 1: Rate Group 1(9600bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 2: Rate Group 1(9600bps))
 FER≤0.5(Test 3: Rate Group 1(9600bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 4: Rate Group 1(4800bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 5: Rate Group 1(2400bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 6: Rate Group 1(1200bps))
 FER≤3.0(Test 7: Rate Group 2(14400bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 8: Rate Group 2(14400bps))
 FER≤0.5(Test 9: Rate Group 2(14400bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 10: Rate Group 2(7200bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 11: Rate Group 2(3600bps))
 FER≤1.0(Test 12: Rate Group 2(1800bps))
5.3 RF Transmitting
Table 10 RF Transmitting
Item AC8720
Frequency range 824MHz ~ 849MHz
Max. frequency deviation ±300Hz
Rated power 24.7dBm
Max. power 23dBm ~ 27dBm@-104dBm
Min. output power Less -50dBm@-25 dBm
Standby output power <61dBm
Code domain power The code domain power of each unactivated sub-channel is at least 23dB lower than the total output power measured at I- and Q- channel.
TX timing error ±1.0μs
Wave form quality factor >0.944
TX phase error 1.00 ~ 90.00deg
Open loop power (Test1: -25dBm/1.23MHz)-48dBm/1.23MHz±9.5dBm
 (Test 2: -65dBm/1.23MHz)-8dBm/1.23MHz±9.5dBm
 (Test 3: -93.5dBm/1.23MHz)+20dBm/1.23MHz±9.5dBm
Closed loop power  ±24dB(9600bps data rate)
  ±24dB(4800bps data rate)
  ±24dB(2400bps data rate)
  ±24dB(1200bps data rate)
Conducted spurious emission -42dBc/30KHz or -54dBm/1.23MHz(|f|: 1.25MHz~1.98MHz)
 -54dBc/30KHz or -54dBm/1.23MHz(|f|: 1.98MHz~4.00MHz)
 <-13dBm/1KHz(|f| > 4MHz, 9KHz < f < 150KHz,)
 <-13dBm/10KHz(|f| > 4MHz, 150KHz <f < 3 0MHz)
 <-13dBm/100KHz(|f| > 4MHz, 30MHz < f < 1GHz)
 < -13dBm/1MHz(|f| > 4MHz, 1GHz < f < 10GHz)
5.4 Antenna
Table 11 Antenna
Item AC8720
Frequency bandwidth TX:824MHz849MHz
VSWR ≤2.0
Gain 2dBi
Input/output resistance 50Ω
Polarization form Vertical polarization
5.5 Work condition
Working temperature: -10~+55
Storage temperature: -20~+70
Humidity: < 95%
3GPP2 C.S0014-0* Enhanced Variable Rate Codec (EVRC)
3GPP2 C.S0015-0* Short Message Service
3GPP2 C.S0017-0 v5.0* Data Service Options for Spread Spectrum Systems
3GPP2 C.S0023-0 v4.0* Removable User Identity Module
3GPP2 C.S0001-0 v3.0* Introduction to cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems - Release 0 - Version 3.0
3GPP2 C.S0002-0 v3.0* Physical Layer Standard for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems - Release 0 - Version 3.0
3GPP2 C.S0003-0 v3.0* Medium Access Control (MAC) Standard for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems - Release 0 - Version 3.0
3GPP2 C.S0004-0 v3.0* Signaling Link Access Control (LAC) Standard for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems - Release 0 - Version 3.0
3GPP2 C.S0005-0 v3.0* Upper Layer (Layer 3) Signaling Standard for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems - Release 0 - Version 3.0

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