Indoor Full Color LED Display Screen

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Model Number: CR-IF6RS18
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Post Date: Mar 05,2012

Product Description: Indoor Full Color LED Display Screen


CR-IF6RS18 SMD Indoor Full Color LED Display is specially designed for indoor high-definition display . We use " 3 in 1 SMD " unique  technology and make our products have perfect display effect. The display theory is same as computer , it can restore  various  colors consisted of three primary colors (red ,green and blue ). It can also display full color dynamic and static images timely .Every Light-emitting unit includes red, green and blue LED lamp. It can support DVI,HDMI ,3G HD SD,AND SDI High-definition display resource , and can accept TV program , VCD or DVD, live video program, etc. P6 Indoor LED Full Color LED Display technology feature:
1. A unique,, reliable system coordination  performance, system  can be  Hot backup , so  ensure  shows normal under fault.
For  it takes less than 10ms to change the work system to backup system , When  switching  , the screen  is  jitter-free or non-black ,  so  ensure the continuity of the screen.
2. Use of aluminum die-casting as a cabinet , can solve  the high-density lamp board  heat dissipation problem.
3. Display  used  of  advanced drive technology , can be achieved   the  refresh rate 1000HZ under  10bits grayscale , thus  eliminate stroboscopic display phenomenon, to meet the requirements of live broadcast.
4.  Only choice   big view angle  LED , t Horizontal Viewing Angle and elevation  can reach 120 degree , watch from any angle  in this range  The image is not deformed, and  no colorcast, Through unique circuit design  to ensure  each  color  LED  aging consistency  is very good after  long hours of work.
5. Up to the performance capacity of 1.07 billion colors , In the control system used  12bits color bit-count  for image processing , in scan grayscale  us 10bits bit count processing, maintain  imagines colors.
6. Powerful image processing capabilities, RGB tri-color's brightness, contrast, Gamma curve , such as parameters  can be ndividually, can adjust  color temperature according to different  regions, to o meet the needs of different audiences.
7. Indoor Full Color LED Display use SMD 3 IN 1 , According to the actual needs of our customers to provide customized solutions, Can choose  different LED  as  display device.
8. Using 8 sheets  PCB and large-scale integrated circuit design , Optimize the spatial layout of the electronic devices, Through  stringent EMI tests to ensure the stability of  control system.
9.  Appearance of high-contrast display,Matt mask, and each grid point were  specially designed in order to ensure the  high-contrast.
10. Display  used  of advanced drive technology , The refresh rate achieves  1000HZ, so can eliminate  noticeable screen flicker phenomenon.
11. Highly reliable cabinets design , complete -aluminum  cabinets , moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mold change, shockproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, applicable to a variety of environments.
12. Consistency is very well under the low gray, ensure that display is consistency  in   various gray-level.
13. Ultra-low power consumption,, power consumption is below 45%.  than similar products at the same brightness and.
14. Control system can satify 1920x1080P display through cascade.
15. Each cabinet splicing use unique  bricolage designed, ensure that each  panel gaps consistent.
16. Each cabinet  has the internal environmental detector, ensure that the display was cut off automatically  when  the temperature exceeds a set value  ,  and can be timely return to the current temperature of screen ,such as parameters.Item CategoryCR-IF6RS18 Full ColorPixel Pitch6mmUnit Cabinet Size480mm*480 mmModule Size480mm*240mmPixel Density27778 pixels/m2ixel Configuration1R1G1BLED F-BGA3 In 1(3528/3030)SMDDriversTLC5928Drive method1/8 Scan constant current driveOptimal Viewing5m-18mSingle-module Current≤9AGray / ColorCan Display 1.0373 billion(Full Color Sync)Unit Pannel Resolution80dots*40dotsCabinet Resolutin80dots*80dotsCabinet Weight≤17kg/CabinetW.B Brightness≥1200cd/m2W.B Adjustalbe Max Bright ness3000cd/m2The Average Power Consumption To Normal Play200W/m2Full Brightness Avertage Power Consumption350W/m2The maximum brightness / Max power Consumption550W/m2IP Protection LevelIP55Gray scale10bitDigital Processing12bitCabinet InstallationHoisting, Fixed InstallationCabinet MaterialAluminum AllyBrightness Control14 ClassesSystem TypeCREATOR Intelligent Control SystemFrame Rate50HZ/60HZDisplay Input Connector /Cabinet Date ConnectorGigabit EthernetEnvironment temperatureWorking Temperature-20 degree~ +60 degree,Storage Temperature -40 degree ~ +85 degree
Refresh frequency1000HZAdvarage Trouble-free Working Time≥10000 hoursLifetime≥100000 hoursColor Temperature Adjustable3200K~10000KUnlighted Lamp Rate≤0.00001Voltage


Viewing AngleHorizontal≥120°vertical ≥120

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