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Marble antique Telephones Classic antique-style high-end phone!

Price: US $ 40 - 50 / Piece
Brand Name: TBF
Model Number: TBF-Tel
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 05,2012

Product Description: Marble antique Telephones Classic antique-style high-end phone!

Marble antique Telephones

Main features:
1,Unique volume control
2,Clock display
3,Key figures
4,Rotary dial
3,FSK / DTMF dual mode,
    30 of the call log, call back, and automatic long-distance call-back
4,Showing the last 5 groups of dialed numbers, talk time and can be re-displayed back
5,E-mine-protected security features to fight
6,Local area code setting, hook dialing the called number can be edited
7,New Wallpapers packaging, fine portable, high-pressure die polystyrene, safe transportation
8,The number of electronic components sufficient good quality, long product life>
9,Use of glass panels for circuit boards to eliminate the damp phenomenon, anti-magnetic anti-drying, anti-static>
10,With metal stents, one year functional warranty

Suitable place: tea, coffee shops, restaurants, jewelers row, bedroom, office, luxury,
star hotel, art galleries, exhibition halls.
Adapt in: Corporate gifts, holiday gifts, home furnishings, office furnishings, engineering
procurement, buy, collection.
Packing: big packing, cartoon boxes.
   Manual contains
   warranty card
   telephone line
   Product certificate
With a soft cotton cloth stained with a little clean water and gently wipe dry you can screw

On the transaction:
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Our responsibility:
We will do our best products and services to do better! When you buy this product, we
started stocking for you, and timely issue! Delivery will be carefully monitored product
quality and good packaging to avoid the products in question sent!
We will use offers security, logistics, thus reducing the product cost savings for you.
You can also according to your needs, choose the speed of the logistics issue, so shipping
costs a little expensive, but you can receive faster! If you experience any problems or
confusion, please contact us, we are pleased to serve you!

Buyer responsibilities:
If you received the goods, please check the packaging is intact! Possible detection products
are good! If product is damaged please requirement Logistics Peifu! If you encounter
problems please contact us! After the timely receipt of the goods, please confirm payment,
also please support our work, timely praise!

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If you experience product problems, please be patient summary carefully to the question
submitted to us for processing, we will leave you satisfied!
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information to assist in handling!
Returns: Buyer pay return shipping!

Products Aftermarket:
According to the Chinese product Warranty Policy: Products are free warranty for one year,
providing services for life! Products For warranty, buyer pay return shipping!
Note: The production of components when they do testing, finished product quality testing
has been a multi-layer, rarely bad! Usually used for many years .......

Unpredictable risks:
Slowly deteriorating global environment in recent years, volcanic / earthquake-prone ......
If you encounter resistance factors should not affect the transaction, please understand and
deal with our co-ordination! International Logistics distance, a product often repeated
transfer and handling, in transit will inevitably be a bad situation! But we will pack it to
avoid bad things happen!



Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Jingkewang Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Tommy Xuan

Contact Phone:86-755-28639151

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