Ascent crystal essential oil soap

Price: US $ 2.8 - 5 / Piece
Brand Name: ASCENT
Model Number: Dream of Paris Soap
Country/Region: Botswana
Post Date: Mar 05,2012

Product Description: Ascent crystal essential oil soap

Introduction of ASCENT transparent oil soaps:

1.ASCENT transparent oil soap has a unique design with a glittering and translucent body. It is glittering as crystals and diamonds and has greater than 85% transpanrency.

2.Cold-pressed natural rose oil, gardenia oil, lavender essential oil, citrus essential oil instead of chemical synthesis essences are adpoted in ASCENT transparent oil soaps. This contributes to their moderate and pure scent.

3.ASCENT transparent oil soap can produce rich, fine and smooth lather, which can be easily rinsed. This can allow people to enjoy refreshing showers.

4. ASCENT transparent oil soaps are totally hand-made to ensure the product durability, the service life is longer than that of the ordinary soaps, which can save money.

5.ASCENT transparent oil soaps contain more than one-third moisturizing ingredients such as glycerol and sorbitol to retain the normal moisture in the skin longer, which makes the skin smooth and fine, and keeps your skin from drying as well.

6.Andvanced technology is introduced to extract all-natural vegetable oils and plant oils, which contain abudant natural vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. to supplement necessary sebum and nutrition for the skin and promote skin health.

7.All the ingredients of ASCENT transparent oil soaps are 100% biodegradable. They can be fully broken down within 100 days after entering water, which will not cause any pollution to the environment.

8. Low-PH formula is adopted in ASCENT transparent oil soaps. The PH value is lower than that of ordinary soaps, and is much closer to the PH value of normal skin, which can maintain a healthy PH balance of the skin.

9.All Natural and high-purity raw materials are adopted by ASCENT transparent oil soaps to ensure their highest product safety. They are  soft and gentle to the skin, and very suitable for children, women and other users with sensitive skin

Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Yulong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Richard Yu

Contact Phone:00-267-3167763

Main Products:Transparent essential oil soap,Liquid Dish wash,Deodorant Lotion,Repellent water,Liquid Laundr


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