non-woven activated carbon fiber filter media

Price: US $ 10 - 30 / Piece
Brand Name: LC
Model Number: LC-AC
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 05,2012

Product Description: non-woven activated carbon fiber filter media

Product introduction

non-woven activated carbon fiber  filter media

A) Characteristics

1)It has many neatly arrayed adsorptive micropores (the micropore volume accounts for around 80% of the total pore volume) and the micropore diameter is 10-40A

2)It contains ample organic functional groups, and has excellent oxidation reduction properties and adsorption of organic matter, organic and inorganic impurities in the gas and liquid phases,Besides, it has excellent desorption and regeneration properties and can be reused

3)It also has the following features: high strength, less consumption, good filling and winding properties and adaptability to devices.Under vibration, no filling looseness and excessive compactness will occur to it

4)It has the following properties: acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high & low temperature resistance and good electric conduction

 B)Usage in

 1. Air purification: the air filter made of this material can adsorb O3, SO2 and NO2, as well as stink, mephitis and smoke in the air, and purify the air in the room, kitchen ware and the polluted indoor air

2.Sewage treatment: it can be used in the aquarium fish box and fish tank fishpond to filter and purify the bacteria and impurities in the also can be used to treat the sewage generated in chemical industry, plating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, leather industry, medicine and living by removing the organic substances, bacteria and organic dyes in the water, in particular, poisonous and harmful waste water containing high electrovalent metal ions

3.Hygiene pad: the activated carbon fibre can be made into pad used for deodorization in the lairs of pets, such as dos, cat and rabbit

4.Daily use: it can be used to deodorize the refrigerator, garderobe, shoe cabinet and gradevin, retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and make cigarette filter tip and put into the trash can

5.Other: the activated carbon fibre ACF can also be used as the carrier of catalyst, stationary phase of gas chromatograph, solar energy collectors, preparing the enrichment of precious metals (Ag and Au), recovery and refining apparatus.

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