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argon arc TIG welder

Price: US $ 930 - 8,000 / Piece
Brand Name: Nebula
Model Number: DPS-315T1(307T1)
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 03,2012

Product Description: argon arc TIG welder

Multiple functions digital inverting welding machine

The leading digital Inverting welding machine in China

Obtain patent, patent number:

ZL 2008 2 0076183.5(Double-pulsed GMAW)

ZL 2008 1 0054660.2(Multiple functions digital Inverting welding machine)

ZL 2009 3 0125321.4(Control panel for electric welder)

Certificate: CE, CCC, EMC, ISO9001:2000

Color: Available

Brand: Nebula

Packing: Carton package, plastic bag, foam

Usage: low-carbon steel, aluminum and its alloy, stainless steel, Copper, and etc

Application Fields: Exhaust pipe, Steel bedstead, laser printer body frame, chair foot, heavy vehicle, Forklift fuel tank, public bus carcass, rail locomotive, Stainless steel carcass, storage rack, golf club head, Cyclostyle carcass, machineshop truck car hopper, Electron production facility, conveyer belt component, Office billboard, Office clamp, aluminum alloy window frame, automobile parts, aluminum alloy control cabinet, Car roof, clutch, autolift, fuel tank, bogie, aluminum patio furniture, Stainless kitchen, baking equipment and etc


Nebula series multiple functions digital Inverting welding machine has many advantages as following:


1. Multiple functions:

Nebula series of eight-function digital welding machine contain 8 single welding methods: MMA, DC-argon arc welding, pulsed-argon arc welding, argon arc spot welding, GMAW(CO2/MIG/MAG), pulsed-GMAW, double-pulsed GMAW, arc carbon gas cutting welder and contain welding method consisted of any functions in above 8, that is different welding functions are embodied in the same one welding machine.


The clients can invert the welding function according to own request in the same one welding machine, which saves much money.


The nebula series of eight-functions welding machine has many menus: date and time display, welding machine temperature(the main power parts), instructions, welding record, memory and recall of parameters, remote control and network application etc, that provide much more convenience for users


2. Excellent coherence and stability:

Compared with the traditional simulating-control circuit welding machine, the digital welding machine is insensitive to the change of temperature, humidity or time, its performance is more stable, as well as better trouble-resistant capacity and coherence.


3. High reliability:

The function of digital welding machine is controlled by software, so changing software can add more functions to the welding machine and the activity do not influence the primary function and capacity. As well, the digital welding machine has the protective function of under-voltage and over-voltage and over-heat.


4. High accuracy of control:

The simulating control is difficult to get the accurate control, whereas the accuracy of digitized control is only related to the quantification lapse and the limited word length of the system, so the digitized control can obtain the high accuracy.


5. Good applicability:

The series of Nebula welding machines do not have high demand for the quality of input power, the machines can be operable under the input voltage between 260V and 460V, and they suit to different outdoor working place.


6. Authoritative welding expert database:

The nebula has stored the expert databases. Users can weld by using the expert databases which are as prominent as the international welding expert.


7. Long-distance software upgrade:

Nebula carries out the long-distance upgrade through internet. The user can add other welding functions to welding machine, and improve the welding performance by software upgrade.


8. Long-distance diagnosis function:

Nebula can realize the long-distance diagnosis through internet. When the user’s welding machine does not work, the nebula company will find the fault in time and repair the user’s welding machine.


9. Long-distance control function:

Nebula can carry out the long-distance control through internet as well as the local automatic control.


10. Long-distance monitoring function:

Nebula can carry out the long-distance monitoring function through internet, and user in any part of the world can see their machines actual wave of electric current and voltage and all parameters.


11. Handy performance:

Taking the requirements of different users into consideration, the series of nebula products furnish many ways of operating welding torch, the user’s self-definition, and various striking arc ways.


12. LCD and digital display:

With the two kinds of demonstrations: LCD and digital, the parameter set will be shown apparently in LCD display in English or in Chinese, so the menu operation is very convenient, fast and intuitive.


13. Energy-saving and small volume:

Our machine adopts the improved IGBT inverting technology which has diminished the entire power source volume and weight, greatly reduced the loss of copper and iron, and thus increased the power source, efficiency and the power factor. It has the function of checking interior temperature of welding machine. So its energy-saving achievement is remarkable.


14. Good ventilation system:

The nebula welding machine adopts first grade metallic directional blower. Its high temperature-resistant ability is very well and also has the ability to control temperature, save power and diminish noise.


15. Multi-language menu:

There are different language on the display, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish and etc, which is much easy and useful for client’s usage.


Supplier Details:

Taiyuan Nebula Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Jacky Yu

Contact Phone:86-351-7037684

Main Products:Arc Welders

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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