RF beauty machine for wrinkle removal skin lifting

Price: US $ 1 - 2,500 / Set
Brand Name: Tone
Model Number: JS-U002|||JS-U002
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 03,2012

Product Description: RF beauty machine for wrinkle removal skin lifting

Why choose Tone company as your parter?
   Thereare so many companies saying they are manufacturersforbeautyequipments, however, they only buy components from factoriesandthenassemble them together. This is not real manufacturer. If anyproblemhappens, they only can let the real manufacturer repair themachine butnot themselves, this is a time wasting process. 
    Tone company isa real sense manufacturer, all the key components such aspower source,handles and operation screen and so on, are produced byourselves, sowe can promise slove any problem within one week. You willbe assuredfor the best after sale service if you choose Bejing Tone company as yourcooperator.

Treatment theory:

 Ultrasound fat melting systemcan improve tissue metabolism repel thecellulite, tighten the skin, strengthenskin elasticity and so on. Itseffect will last for a long time and can enhancemuscle elasticity andimprove the cell metabolism.


  Belly part contours shaping

  Leg part contours shaping

  Body slimming

  Wrinkle removal

  Skin tightening



   Operation screen: 5.7 inch blue touch screen

   Output Frequency: 2.4Ghz

   Maximum outpuy eneryg: <=450J/cm2

   Out power: 500W

   Size of probe: 2.5cm2 & 4.6cm2 & 6.6cm2

   Input Power: 220V(110V)/15A 50HZ(60HZ)

   Size: 37.8* 40* 107cm

   Package: aluminous box plus thick sponge

   we provide one year warrantee service for all our machines. Within ourwarrantee period, we provide free repair and we provide components ofour machine with no charge. Besides, we provide free repair for all thelifetime of our machines.


Supplier Details:

Beijing T-One Electric Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. belinda yu

Contact Phone:86-10-81570196

Main Products:Development,manufacturing,trading,OE


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