Smoke Elimination Chimney Hood with Electrostatic Air Cleaning Filter

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Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: Smoke Elimination Chimney Hood with Electrostatic Air Cleaning Filter

1.Ingenious design
Unique chimney hood design, incorporating extraction functions of normal smoke extractor and purification functions of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), where hyper-dense electrons are generated to capture airborne cooking oil fume & grease particulates.
Patented cylindrical honeycomb electric fields (electrostatic filter) and optional PLC controlled spray-style humidifier, maximizing the filtration and purification efficiency of cooking oil fume and grease particles for commercial kitchens.
Modular design, ensuring easy assembly of our smoke extractor with electrostatic grease filter for total operation and easy removal of the hood, the cover, the control panel, the electric fields (electrostatic filters), and other major components for maintenance and cleaning.

2. Remarkable purification efficiency
An average purification efficiency of above 95%, based on 2 stages of electric fields (electrostatic grease filter) applied in our chimney hood ESP, is guaranteed.

3. Broad-spectrum applications
Our chimney hood ESP is an ideal kind of smoke extractor & grease filter for large commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers, business centers, enterprises and business organizations, etc.

4. Strict Quality Control
ISO9001:2000 tested quality control system.
CE, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 granted products performance.

5. Cost Effective
Our chimney hood smoke extractor with electrostatic grease filter can be installed directly above the cooking stoves, no additional purifying equipment needed to dispose the secondary air pollution, saving your kitchen space and overall cost.
PLC controlled flame detection device and water fire-suppression system, plus the optional self-cleaning device, easy to realize remote control and monitoring, ensuring considerable savings in maintenance cost.
PLC controlled multi-choice operational modes, secure and reliable high-efficiency high-voltage power supply, complemented with the sophisticated system of self-diagnosis of malfunction, ensuring considerable energy savings.
Spare electric fields (electrostatic filters) are seldom needed for replacement, adding much to the savings in maintenance cost.

7. Hassle-free
One year free repair and lifelong maintenance of our chimney hood smoke extractor with electrostatic grease filter.
Low altitude emission of the processed air guaranteed, no complain will be incurred.

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