solar power system /solar home system/5KW solar power generator

Price: US $ 30,000 - 50,000
Brand Name:
Model Number: SHS-5000GTX
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: solar power system /solar home system/5KW solar power generator

The solar power system is planed to keep three continual somber and rainy days, and the least somber and rainy days interval is 30 days, we take it is reasonable in New york, that is to say, system can providing electricity normally when have a two continual somber and rainy days within a 30-day interval. However, we cannot assure that when the somber and rainy days interval less than 30 days or the continual somber and rainy days more than 2 days.)

As to battery, we strictly demand manufactures to follow our quality standards. According to our quality standard, the depth discharging of battery is 0.80, and the ratio of charging and discharging is 0.9.

As our precise calculation:This system can provide 12500wh electricity (about 13kwh )

Disposition in detail:







Solar panel


Fixed power:125W

mono-/poly crystalline silicon

40 pieces

Parallel connection



Fixed voltage:12V

Fixed volume: 280Ah


Twenty groups in series connection



Fixed voltageD240V

Fixed current:20A

Function: over charge and discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-flow protection, panel counter extremely protection, battery counter extremely protection, temperature complement, against thunder stroke protection


Connect with solar panel and battery

Inverter(Pure sine wave)


Fixed voltage:240V

Outputpower:6000W  Output voltage:AC220V

Outputfrequency: sine wave 50Hz±0.5Hz

Inverter ratio:80%-92%


Connect battery and equipment

Battery stand


National angle iron painting 4*40(mm),according to site dimension and structure


For fix battery group

Solar panel stand


National angle iron painting 4*40(mm),according to site dimension and structure

1 set

For fix solar panel line

Inside control box


National mental painting iron box according to site dimension and structure


For install controller and inverter

Connection line


Use multi-core copper line and order according to installation

10 meters

For connection with all equipment

Assistant materials like lines and tube

For installation

Our quality standard

Comparing with similar products in market, our company owns much more strict quality standard in solar generation system.

Solar panel:

Technical standard:

We adopt mono-crystalline silicon or poly-silicon; transformation efficiency up to more than 15%; follow BOBS. or related national standard, such as PV-GAP, IEC 62257-7-1


Generating performance:

Our solar cell board tested in standard luminous intensity or under the mock standard luminous intensity condition, ie, testing environment for the solar radiation is 1000w/m2 and the air quality is 1.5

Mechanical performance:

*Solar battery adopts 3.5mm ultra-thin transparency steeled glass with disposable lamination seal, and fixed with  5mm aluminum alloy material all around the frame.

*Solar cell board with anti-wind and rain function, and the protection rank is IP56.

 Environmental performance:

*Can work under 0 to 45 centigrade as what settled operating parameter

*Can operate under environmental temperature -10 to 70 well, and will not harm to cell panel to worse the performance



*The accumulator cell we use is the depth circulation to exempt the maintenance lead-acid battery, which follow national standard like BOS IEC 61056-1

* Under the 20 centigrade, low self-electric discharge and 90% charges is allowed within a month.

*We guaranteed that electric quantity released still achieved or surpasses the initial discharge capacity 80% after 300 completely circulation.

* Packing is the non-corrosiveness and protection range should be IP64



*As an expert in control field, our controller has the function of time control and illumination control, which can light on and off LED within a fixed time.

*Security protection includes counter extremely, short-circuits, over-flow and adverse

* With temperature compensation function

* With against thunder protection device

Service in maintain period:

a) During warranty period, structure can be free maintained or replaced in time subject to non-mandatory damages.

b)  If storage battery has any non-mandatory problem during warranty period, it can be freely replaced in time.

c)  If controller has any non-mandatory problem during warranty period, it can be freely replaced in time

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