Automatic Waxing Machine

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Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: Automatic Waxing Machine

Nanometer waxing machine is a finished polishing machine,applied in granite porcelain tiles surface decoration.It can penetrate(adhere) ultramicro protection material on the surface of ceramic tiles so as to make the processed tile surface with good anti-fouling performance and high surface brightness. Super nano wax-polishing machine has the following characteristics. Nano wax-polishing machine has the following applications:

·       Since the grain size of nano material is up to the nanometer grade,it is easy to fill up pores and micro crackles to ensure the tile surface with strong anti-fouling property and wear resistance.

·       By adjusting formula of protection material,it is possible to make the processed surface of polished tiles have a result of anti-bacteria,anti-erode and self-cleaning property.

·       Use of this equipment will raise production speed to 10m/min

·       After processing of nanometer polishing line,the luster of tile surface can reach more than 90 degree,which is close to mirror effect while the skid-proof effect is almost similar to that before processing.

·       Nano material is a kind of inorganic solvent,which is transparent,colourless,odourless and non-toxic and has no effect to original color of bricks.


Principal technical parameter:

Number of waxing heads: 8 pieces

Max width of slab: 1000 Mm

Thickness of slab: 8.5~20 Mm

Prime conveying power: 3 Kw

Conveying speed: 5~9 Kw

Dimension:10260*1420*1980 mm

Weight:8 tons

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