Wireless remote control light switch/ intelligent wall switch

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Brand Name: Kelvin
Model Number: KL86-1B
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: Wireless remote control light switch/ intelligent wall switch

I  , functions and features
1 using digital coding techniques, each switch their independence, not to interfere with each other;
2 At the same time compatible with manual and remote operation, manual touch of the trigger, remote control without direction;
3 in accordance with the practice of the International Electrotechnical design, installation, wiring, wall switches with the same general machinery, equipment does not need another zero line.
4 applies to all kinds of lamps and electrical appliances;
5 remote switches and remote control of code used to learn. Allocation by up to four remote controls, and a remote control can also fit a number of remote control switch;
II , learning (of code) set
1 remote control and power switch connected to lamp 30 seconds later, press and hold a remote control switch of a button lights up and then release that entered the study status of the remote control switch.
2 Press the remote control button is a light blinking twice that of the remote control switch and remote control button that corresponds to a study (of code) have been successful. Otherwise, these steps should be re-learning.
3 2 remote control switch when the second study, by holding down the remote control switch should be the second button lights up, let go, and then press another button remote control, two flashing lights that the remote control buttons and remote control switch the second study (of code) have been successful. Three learning remote control switches and so on.
4 12 key and 15 key remote control remote control key for the final key to the overall learning approach is to hold down the button of a remote control switch, (2 remote control switch remote control switch left or the middle of the three button) lights up to let go , and then press the remote control light flashing the total key twice to learn that the key to the success of the total. If the key used as an ordinary key, remote control switch will not be able to learn of the specified key bit. Specific learning methods with the same first three.
5 by the method with a remote control is a remote control for each additional repeat the above steps, up to four remote controls to learn, more than four, the first be deleted.
III, methods of operation
A manual control switch on the touch of a button, the corresponding lights, the lights out again.
2 remote control by pressing a remote control button, then the corresponding lights, the lights out again. Pressing the total key, the body of the street.
IV. Specifications
Rated Voltage: 110V ~ 220V ± 10% V 50 ~ 60HZ (custom-made according to customer requirements)
Single maximum load: 800W (resistor type) 400W (Inductive)
Remote distance :30-50 meters
Standby power consumption: ≤ 0.05W   

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