12V 50A PWM dc motor controller

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Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: 12V 50A PWM dc motor controller

50-80A PWM dc motor controller


The DC12/ 24V /36V/48DP XXBL series product is the adoption appropriation mold piece, make control and the power supply be complete insulate and avoided the interference of control system when low-voltage high-current operating. Has an excellent linear ratio, relatively wide voltage input range, outstanding performance and speed ratio, a stable, reliable quality, to be broad-based applications. The series of products applicable to battery powered or DC power of field operations and low-voltage control of occasions. The product has been used in military, robotics, low-voltage safety equipment, teaching and research equipment, and other fields.




1.The input voltage: DC 12/24V(operating space9V-18V/18V-36 V

2.The output voltage: DC 0-12V/0-24V

3.Rated output current: DC 50A 70A 80A

4.Given signal mode: Potentiometer:10KΩ/2W

5. Speed regulation ratio 1:80

6. Ambient Temperature: --10~+60

7.Ambient Humidity: Relative Humidity≤80RH.Below dew point

8. Applicable to permanent-magnet, separate excitation DC motor

9. Dual closed loop PI adjustment (Current/Voltage closed loop)

10. SMT technology is adopted. Lightness and small in size

11. Current setting and current limiting protection

12. Instantaneous short-circuit protection (50us)

13. Soft starting/stopping time setting function

14. Quick stopping function

15. Large torque for low-speed start-up.

16. Can realize RPL

17. Short circuit function




forward increased

1. Current Setting/Limiting Adjustment: TORQUE W2 See Figure 7

This potentiometer adjustment is intended for setting/limiting the max output current of the driving board according to the rated current of the motor. Through adjusting this potentiometer, the max output current of the driving board can be up to 120%~200% of the rated current.

2. Torque Compensation Adjustment: IR COMP (W3 See Figure 7)

IR COMP potentiometer is used to keep the motor speed constant when they are working with different loads.

3. Soft Starting Time Adjustment: ACCEL (W1 See Figure 7)

Through adjusting this potentiometer ACCEL, the upward slope from the starting speed to the preset speed can be defined (i.e. the time required to reach the preset speed, optionally between 010s). See Figure 1


Figure 1


4. Soft Stopping Time Adjustment: DECEL (W4 See Figure 7)

Through adjusting this potentiometer DECEL, the downward slope from max speed to the minimum speed can be defined (that is falling time, set time adjustable during 0-10 seconds).  See Figure 2


Figure 2


5. The highest output voltage adjustment: MAX COMP (W5 See Figure 7)

Adjustment of the potentiometer can be make sure drivers highest output voltage, adjustment range: 6-12/12V---24V, see Figure 3


Figure 3

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