high quality maltose powder food additive

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Brand Name: luzhou
Model Number: food grade
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: high quality maltose powder food additive

High Malose   High Maltose Powder is made from refined cornstarch by enzyme hydrolysis and a series of processing techniques. After the process of liquefying, saccharification, concentration and drying the white starch sugar powder is finely produced. Product Technique Index

Sense Standard

ItemStandardExcellentGoodRegularAppearanceWhite powder with no particular form,no visible impuritiesSmellNo particular smellflavourSweetish
Chemical and Physical indexItemStandardExcellentGoodRegularMoisture5.0%5.0%5.0%DE46%MIN46%MIN46%MINpH4.0-6.04.0-6.04.0-6.0Content(maltose)50%50%50%Boiling Temperature155140130Solubility99%99%99%Sulphate ash0.4%0.5%0.6%
Hygienic StandardItemStandardExcellecntGoodRegularPb (Pb+)0.5mg/kgAs (As-)0.5mg/kgColiform (N)30MPN/100gTotal bacteria (N)2000cfu/gPathogen (salmonella)Negetive 

Supplier Details:

Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Tina Liu

Contact Phone:86-539-2320580

Main Products:Corn sweeteners,liquid glucose,high maltose syrup,fructose syrup,maltodextrin,dextrose monohydrate