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Product Description: Aluminum oxide

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Aluminium oxide is the family of inorganic compounds with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is an amphoteric oxide and is commonly referred to as alumina, corundum as well as many other names, reflecting its widespread occurrence in nature and industry. Its most significant use is in the production of aluminium metal, although it is also used as an abrasive due to its hardness and as a refractory material due to its high melting point.



The most common form of crystalline alumina is known as corundum. The oxygen ions nearly form a hexagonal close-packed structure with aluminium ions filling two-thirds of the octahedral interstices. Each Al3+ center is octahedral. In terms of its crystallography, corundum adopts a trigonal Bravais lattice with a space group of R-3c (number 167 in the International Tables). The primitive cell contains two formula units of aluminium oxide.

Alumina also exists in other phases, namely η-, χ-, γ-, δ- and θ-aluminas. Each has a unique crystal structure and properties. The so-called β-alumina proved to be NaAl11O17.



The great majority of alumina is consumed for the production of aluminium, usually by the Hall process.

As a filler

Being fairly chemically inert, relatively non-toxic, and white, alumina is a favored filler for plastics. Alumina is a common ingredient in sunscreen.

As a catalyst and catalyst support

Alumina catalyses a variety of reactions that are useful industrially. In its largest scale application, alumina is the catalyst in the Claus process for converting hydrogen sulfide waste gases into elemental sulfur in refineries. It is also useful for dehydration of alcohols to alkenes.

Alumina serves as a catalyst support for many industrial catalysts, such as those used in hydrodesulfurization and some Ziegler-Natta polymerizations. Zeolites are produced from alumina.

Gas purification and related absorption applications

Alumina is widely used to remove water from gas streams. Other major applications are below.

As an abrasive

Aluminium oxide is used for its hardness and strength. It is widely used as a coarse or fine abrasive, including as a much less expensive substitute for industrial diamond. Many types of sandpaper use aluminium oxide crystals. In addition, its low heat retention and low specific heat make it widely used in grinding operations, particularly cutoff tools. As the powdery abrasive mineral aloxite, it is a major component, along with silica, of the cue tip "chalk" used in billiards. Aluminium oxide powder is used in some CD/DVD polishing and scratch-repair kits. Its polishing qualities are also behind its use in toothpaste. Alumina can be grown as a coating on aluminium by anodising or by plasma electrolytic oxidation (see the "Properties" section, above). Both its strength and abrasive characteristics are due to aluminium oxide's great hardness (position 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness). Most pre-finished wood flooring now uses aluminium oxide as a hard protective coating.

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