2011 AZBOX HD dvb-s set top box

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Post Date: Mar 02,2012

Product Description: 2011 AZBOX HD dvb-s set top box

2011 AZBOX HD dvb-s set top box

1)Linux Operative System
2)TV/ Radio Reception
3)AZbox hd supports High Definition format 1080P
4)GOGO List funcnction
5)Can be used around the world


AZBOX HD uperior receptor
excellent price,stocks,best signal,best software

This receiver not only come with great Hardware and Software, this receiver

comes also with great Price/Quality relation. Enjoy in the reception of

High-Definition broadcasting ( Full HD 1080p ) , at same time that you can

reproduce Your favourite media files ( From differenct sources, like from USB

Pen drive,Internal HDD, Internet or Local streaming ), also You can enjoy

some other advance functions like Internet Browser for Browsing websites or

YouTube Player to play all kind of Video/Audio contents from YouTube. As

Premium model, Elite model follows it with same funcionalities with 2 Plug

and Play Tuner slots, where You can choose and use your combination.


1). Linux Operative System
2). Available tuners: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S2, ATSC and ISDB-T (Brazilian

3).Can be used around the world



2.Support for full High Definition format 1080P
ELite becomes one of small number of receiver that can be able to reproduce

full 1080p contents; this picture is much clearer, showing more details, and

more relaxing for your eyes. Enter the full HD world with Azbox!
1) Personal (Digital) Video Recorder and Time shift function
You can record one channel and watch another (in case that you have bought

one additional tuner).
Time Shift Function you can stop live broadcasting and shift back the time

where you wish to watch from the previously broadcasted.
2) Advanced Electronic Program Guide
With ELITE you can enjoy a 7 Days EPG (Electronic program guide).
You can also plan record of your favorite programs based on EPG data.
At EPG we also have search function to don¡¯t lose your favorite programs and

3) Support for a wide range of encryption systems
ELITE is equipped with two CI slots (Common Interface) as well as one card

readers that provide a wide range of decoding options, this means
ELITE Premium HD is optimally prepared for any future developments in

encryption standards.


3.Internet Browser
With Your ELITE HD you can comfortably surf on internet using ELITE browser,

read your news using RSS news reader, or simply watch you favorite YouTube

movies suing our YouTube portal.
1) GOGO List function
With this function you can download your favorite list from internet. No

longer need be concerned about changing channel frequencies, just select GOGO

list and your channel list will be downloaded, updates and channel lists will

be sorted according your wishes.
2) Connectivity
  ELITE Premium HD products are equipped with a high range of connectors: 2

USB connectors that allow users to connect portable media or external USB

HDD, for use USB like internal HDD for PVR / time shift and media center

Also is equipped with HDMI (High-definition multimedia interface) output to

enjoy the best picture and audio quality.
However to keep the possible to be used at all screens ELITE is also equipped

with digital optical audio output, Composite video (YPBPR), Video and stereo

audio RCA and one scart connector.
Internally you have also a SATA socket for internal HDD up to 1000 GB).
Premium model is also equipped with a Wi-Fi module, with this hardware you

can have internet at your ELITE HD premium without need cross your home with

Ethernet cables.
3) Modular tuners sockets
One of or top hardware features is that the tuners can be easily switched so

you can easy transfer you DVB-S2 receiver at one combo receiver. You have all

freedom to pick u any desired combination that more adjusts to your needs

(Available tuners: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S2, ATSC and ISDB-T (Brazilian format)).
Media Player With the Media Player functionality you can watch and listen to

various media files from MP3 to MKV files (with support for subtitles) and

also watches your photos.
All this by simply plugging a USB stick with your media files, it¡¯s also

possible to copy your USB stick content to the internal disk drive or access

your media files direct over your local network.
4) VFD Display
Program related information and system operations are displayed via the 11-

digit vacuum fluorescence display (VF display) on the elegant front panel of

the receivers.
Sigma Designs SMP8634LF CPU
Linux Operative System
1:TV/ Radio Reception
2:Support for full High Definition format 1080P
3:Personal (Digital) Video Recorder and Time shift function
4:Advanced Electronic Program Guide
5:Support for a wide range of encryption systems
6:Internet Browser
7:GOGO List function
9:Modular tuners sockets
10:Media Player
11:VFD Display




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