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Brand Name: Freego
Model Number: LI3612A119
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Mar 01,2012

Product Description: 36V Lithium Battery


1. Cell Type: LiNiCoMnO2 Cylindrical

2. Norminal Voltage: 36V

3. Over-discharge Voltage: 27.5V

4. Over-charge Voltage: 42V

5. Capacity: ≥12AH

6. BMS Type: 10S Resistor Balancing

7. BMS Protection: short-circuit, over-discharging, over-charging, over-current, over temperature

8. Constant Discharging: 15A  (Can be customized)

9. Pulse Discharging: 30A for 10 Seconds (Can be customized)

10. Max. Charging: 12A

11. Net Weight included case: 5kgs

12. Inside Dimension: Φ81mm*310mm

13. Outside Dimension: Φ91mm*380mm

14. Cycle Life: >600 100% DOD


QC Standard for Cells:

1. In good light,the surface should be smooth and dry,without crack,score,dirt etc.,the identification 2. should be clear and correct.

3. There should be clear polar identifications,the identification should be correct check by voltage meter.

4. Over discharge--no fire,no explosion,no leakage

5. Over charge--no fire,no explosion

6. Short circuit--no fire,no explosion

7. Drop--no fire,no explosion,no leakage

8. Heat--no fire,no explosion

9.Crush--no fire,no explosion

10. Stab--no fire,no explosion


QC Standard for Battery Pack:

1. Check all connection included cell to cell, data wires between cells and BMS, BMS to the cell, BMS 2. to the discharging port and charging port

3. 100% capacity at 0.2C discharging and in normal temperature 20°c

4. >98% capacitive at 1.5C discharging and in normal temperature 20°c

5. >95% capacity at normal discharging in very high temperature 55°c

6. >50% capacity at normal discharging in very low temperature -20°c

7. Over-discharging testing

8. Over-charging testing



1. Use at temperature below 40°C,charge fully prior to long storage periods or if it has been stored for more than three months

2. If you find any single battery voltage is under 2V at room temperature,the battery has been over-discharged or is self-discharging due to some defect/parasitic load. Discontinue use until the fault can be corrected and the battery be recharged

3. Store in an open,well ventilated,dry,clean area, between -20°C to 40°C for maximum life. self-discharge will accelerated at higher temperature

4. Don’t expose the battery to extremes of temperature over 60°C,directly to sources of heat, direct sunlight or moisture and/or rain

Supplier Details:

Guangzhou Freego Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Mandy Li

Contact Phone:86-20-22077307

Main Products:LiFePO4,Lithium Ion,Auto Batteries,Active BMS,Chargers,E-bike Motors


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