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3D active shutter glasses for 3D TV and 3D projector(black)

Price: 1
Brand Name: Real120
Model Number: V6100
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Feb 24,2012

Product Description: 3D active shutter glasses for 3D TV and 3D projector(black)

DLP-Link / White Light Communication:
To further eliminate potential crosstalk, Model V6100 is designed for DLP-Link communication between the glasses andTV/projector.


Replaceable Batteries:
Each battery averages 180 hours of active 3D.  The batteries can be easily replaceable.


The glasses were designed with flex points, which extend the lifetime of the glasses.


Automatic “ON/OFF":
For ease of use, the P5100 glasses turn "ON/OFF" automatically.


The Brightest 3D Solution:
3D requires as much light as possible. Model V6100 features the fastest shutter technology for the brightes image.


The effect as below , with glasses and without it:



Extended White-Light Range
Extended White-Light Range supports large rooms. The exact range depends on the amount of light coming from the projector or television.

100% DLP-Link
Model P5100 is optimized to work with DLP-Link.

No installation
Without any installation, the user simply wears on the glasses when they wish to view 3D content.


Lens Type LCD 
Lens Size about 2.4" diagonal 
Weight 56 grams
Sync Method DLP-Link, White Light
Battery Life ~ 180 hours


Compliant list

Mitsubishi 3D DLP Tv       3D  DLP Projectors

WD-73833 DLP HDTV       Acer H5360 DLP Projector    LG BX254 DLP Projector
WD-65C8 DLP HDTV         Acer P1100 DLP Projector    LG BS254 DLP Projector
WD-60735 DLP HDTV       Acer P1200 DLP Projector    LG BX275 DLP Projector
WD-65735 DLP HDTV       Acer P1203 DLP Projector    LG BS275 DLP Projector
WD-65736 DLP HDTV       Acer P5205 DLP Projector    NEC NP215 DLP Projector
WD-65835 DLP HDTV       Acer P5271 DLP Projector    NEC NP216 DLP Projector
WD-73735 DLP HDTV       Acer X1130P DLP Projector  Optoma EW531 DLP Projector
WD-73736 DLP HDTV       Acer X1161 DLP Projector    Optoma EW536 DLP Projector
WD-73835 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP511+ DLP Projector  Optoma GT360 DLP Projector
WD-82837 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP612C DLP Projector  Optoma Pro350W DLP Projector
WD-82737 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP626 DLP Projector    Optoma TX762 DLP Projector
WD-65C9 DLP HDTV         BenQ MP670 DLP Projector     Projectiondesign F10 AS3D DLP Projector
WD-73C9 DLP HDTV         BenQ MP722 DLP Projector     Sharp PG-D2710X DLP Projector
WD-60737 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP772 ST DLP Projector  Sharp PG-D3010X DLP Projector
WD-65737 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP776 ST DLP Projector  Sharp PG-D3510X DLP Projector
WD-73737 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP777 DLP Projector       ViewSonic PJD5112 DLP Projector
WD-65837 DLP HDTV       BenQ MP782 ST DLP Projector  ViewSonic PJD6210-3D DLP Projector
WD-73837 DLP HDTV       Dell 1510X DLP Projector          ViewSonic PJD6211 DLP Projector
WD-73838 DLP HDTV       Dell 1610HD DLP Projector       ViewSonic PJD6220-3D DLP Projector
WD-82838 DLP HDTV       Dell M210X DLP Projector          ViewSonic PJD6221 DLP Projector
WD-65838 DLP HDTV       Dell M410HD DLP Projector       ViewSonic PJD6241 DLP Projector
WD-82738 DLP HDTV       Dell S300 DLP Projector            ViewSonic PJD6251 DLP Projector
WD-73738 DLP HDTV       Dell S300W DLP Projector         ViewSonic PJD6381 DLP Projector
WD-65738 DLP HDTV       Eiki EIP-D450 DLP Projector      ViewSonic PJD6531W DLP Projector
WD-60738 DLP HDTV       Eiki EIP-XSP2500 DLP Projector  Vivitek D508 DLP Projector
WD-73638 DLP HDTV       InFocus IN2112 DLP Projector  Vivitek D509 DLP Projector
WD-65638 DLP HDTV       InFocus IN2114 DLP Projector  Vivitek D510 DLP Projector
WD-60638 DLP HDTV       InFocus IN2116 DLP Projector  Vivitek D511 DLP Projector
LaserVue L65-A90           InFocus IN3114 DLP Projector   Vivitek D535 DLP Projector
Vue L75-A91                    InFocus IN3116 DLP Projector  Vivitek D825MX DLP Projector
Samsung 3D DLP Tv         Mitsubishi XD600U DLP Projector Vivitek D835 DLP Projector
HL61A750A1F DLP HDTV  Mitsubishi XD600U-G DLP Projector Vivitek D837 DLP Projector
HLT6198S DLP HDTV        LG BX257 DLP Projector                  LG BX324 DLP Projector

The list was last updated in July 2010.

Supplier Details:

Shenzhen Leagend Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Maggie Li

Contact Phone:86-755-82821859

Main Products:Diagnostic Tools

Business type:Manufacturer


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