19v 7.1a for hp laptop ac adapter/notebook ac adapter /power charger/power supply

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Post Date: Feb 24,2012

Product Description: 19v 7.1a for hp laptop ac adapter/notebook ac adapter /power charger/power supply

AC ADAPTER for HP/COMPAQ 19V 7.1A with Mutli - Pin oval tip  Replace and Compatible with HP /COMPAQ model number: HP-OW135F13, 375117-001, 374427-002, 378768-001, 394903-001, HSTNN-HA01 Work with the following Compaq / HP notebooks:
Compaq Presario x6000
PR325UAR, PR325UA, PR326UA, PR759AS, PR760AS, PR761AS
Compaq Presario X6000 CTO
PK247AV, PK248AVR, PK248AV, PK249AVR, PK249AV, PK295AVR, PK295AV
Compaq Presario x6100
PX297UAR, PX297UA, PX299UA, PX301UA
HP Compaq nx9600
PM580AV, PM581AV, PR762AAR, PR762AA, PR763AAR, PR763AA, PU358UAR, PU358UA

HP Pavilion zd8000
PD724AVR, PD724AV, PD725AVR, PD725AV, PD726AVR, PD726AV, PF456AVR, PF456AV, PR315UAR, PR315UA, PR316UAR, PR316UA, PR317UAR, PR317UA, PR321UAR, PR321UA, PR753AS, PR754AS, PR755AS, PR756AS, PR757AS, PR758AS, PS759EAR, PS759EA, PS760EAR, PS760EA, PS761EAR, PS761EA, PS762EAR, PS762EA, PS763EAR, PS763EA, PS764EAR, PS764EA, PS765EA, PS766EAR, PS766EA, PS767EAR, PS767EA, PS768EA, PS769EAR, PS769EA, PS770EA, PS771EAR, PS771EA, PS772EAR, PS772EA, PS773EAR, PS773EA, PS774EAR, PS774EA, PS775EAR, PS775EA, PS776EAR, PS776EA, PS777EAR, PS777EA, PS778EAR, PS778EA, PS933PAR, PS933PA, PT638PAR, PT638PA, PT885PAR, PT885PA, PU950LA, PW927EAR, PW927EA, PW928EA, PW929EAR, PW929EA, PW930EAR, PW930EA, PW931EAR, PW931EA, 

HP Pavilion zd8100
EA399UAR, EA399UA, EB867EAR, EB867EA, EB868EAR, EB868EA, EB869EAR, EB869EA, EB870EAR, EB870EA, EB871EAR, EB871EA, EB872EAR, EB872EA, EB873EAR, EB873EA, EB874EAR, EB874EA, EB875EAR, EB875EA, EB876EAR, EB876EA, EB877EAR, EB877EA, EB878EAR, EB878EA, EB879EAR, EB879EA, EB880EA, EB881EAR, EB881EA, EB882EAR, EB882EA, EB883EAR, EB883EA, EB884EAR, EB884EA, EB885EAR, EB885EA, EB886EAR, EB886EA, ED686EAR, ED686EA, ED687EA, ED688EAR, ED688EA, PW936EAR, PW936EA, PW937EAR, PW937EA, PW938EA, PW939EAR, PW939EA, PW946EAR, PW946EA, PX292UAR, PX292UA, 

HP Pavilion zd8135EA

HP Pavilion zd8200
EC296UAR, EC296UA, EC300UAR, EC300UA, EC301UAR, EC301UA, EC303UAR, EC303UA, EF042EAR, EF042EA, EF043EAR, EF043EA, EF044EAR, EF044EA, EF053EAR, EF053EA, PU741AVR, PU741AV, PU742AVR, PU742AV

HP Pavilion zd8250LA
EE499PAR, EE499PA, EE549PAR, EE549PA, EE550PA, EE634LA, EF037EAR, EF037EA, EF038EAR, EF038EA, EF039EAR, EF039EA, EF040EAR, EF040EA, EF041EAR, EF041EA, EF045EAR, EF045EA, EF046EAR, EF046EA, EF047EAR, EF047EA, EF048EAR, EF048EA, EF049EAR, EF049EA, EF050EAR, EF050EA, EF051EAR, EF051EA, EF052EAR, EF052EA, EF054EAR, EF054EA, EF055EAR, EF055EA, EF056EAR, EF056EA, EH684EAR, EH684EA, EH685EAR, EH685EA, EH686EA, EH687EAR, EH687EA, EH688EAR, EH688EA, EH689EAR, EH689EA, EH690EAR, EH690EA, EH691EAR, EH691EA, EH692EAR, EH692EA, EH693EAR, EH693EA, EH694EAR, EH694EA, EL076PA
HP Pavilion zd8300
EL018EAR, EL018EA, EL019EAR, EL019EA
HP Pavilion zd8323EA
HP Pavilion zd8333CL
HP Pavilion zd8350LA

One year warranty.

We still have the following models for HP / Compaq:

 Compaq 18.5V 2.7A,
 Compaq 18.5V 3.8A,  
 Compaq 18.5V 4.5A,             
 Compaq  18.5V 4.9A 4.8*1.7,
 Compaq  19V 3.16A,
 Compaq 19V 4.8A,        
 Compaq  19V 4.9A 5.5*2.5,     
 Compaq  19V 6.3A,        
 HP/Compaq 18.5V 1.1A, 
 HP/Compaq   19V 3.16A, 
 HP/Compaq   18.5V 3.5A 4.8*1.7,
 HP/Compaq   18.5V 3.5A,
 HP/Compaq 18.5V 4.9A oval,
 HP/Compaq 19V 4.74A 4.8*1.7,
 HP/Compaq 19V 4.74A 7.4 with pin,
 HP/Compaq  18.5V 6.5A 5.5*2.5,
 HP/Compaq  18.5V 6.5A oval,
 HP/Compaq  18.5V 6.5A 7.4 with pin,
 HP 19V 3.95A,                            
 HP 19V 7.1A 5.5*2.5,
 HP 19V 7.1A oval,
 HP 19V 9.5A 5.5*2.5,
 HP 19V 9.5A oval.

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